Bağcı revived Çorum railway demand

Bağcı revived Çorum railway demand
Cahit Bağcı, a member of the Parliamentary Budget Commission, re-launched the Çorum railway demand.
AK Party Çorum Deputy Parliament Member of the Budget Commission Cahit Bagci, Çorum has brought up the demand for the railway again.
Discussion of the 2013 budgets of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of the Interior at the General Assembly of the Parliament continued.
AK Party deputy Çorum Cahit Bagci, the transportation network in the period of significant progress was taken in the network, he said. Bağcı, who gave information about the divided roads, mentioned the new highway, bridge, tunnel and other projects.
Bagci, the budget of the Ministry of Transport 35 billion pounds, the share of this budget allocated to investments in the 14.5 billion pounds reached.
Cahit Bağcı also explained that the railway construction works of 3 kilometers are continuing and said that investments in this area will contribute positively to the competitiveness of the provinces and the national economy. Bağcı also asked for a railway connection to Çorum.

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