Kadıköy Ataturk Monument Will Stay In Place After Metro Arrangement

Kadıköy Ataturk Monument Will Stay In Place After Metro Arrangement
With the Haydarpaşa Railway Station approved by the majority of AK Party members in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council Kadıköy The zoning plan about Meydan and its Environment, Kadıköy He was suspended in his municipality.
3 days before the end of the appeal, Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk stated that the Ataturk Monument in the square will be removed and a fairground will be built instead. Mayor Topbaş made a statement in the evening: “An arrangement will be made because of the metro, but  Kadıköy Atatürk Monument in the Square will remain in Place after the Metro Arrangement. ”
After the mosque discussions in ISTANBUL, official ceremonies were held. Kadıköy The allegations that the Ataturk Monument in the Square will be removed, turned the eyes to the Haydarpasa Port Project. In the past few months, the CHP members rejected the game against the rejection of the AKP. Kadıköy 1/5000 thousand Conservation Master Plan for the Square and its Environment, last week Kadıköy He was suspended in his municipality. A few days before the suspension process ends, Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk, in the new plan Kadıköy He suggested that the Atatürk Monument in the Square be removed and a closed fair space will be built and a new discussion started.
In the statement of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, “It is clearly stated in the plan notes that it is not possible to build a building or a basement, not in the area in question. It is clear that the claim that “Ataturk monument will be demolished and buildings will be built” is unreal. ” President Kadir Topbaş also spoke in the evening:Kadıköy Atatürk Monument in the Square will not be removed. An arrangement will be made due to the metro, but Kadıköy There is no work or thought about removing the Atatürk Monument in its square. I am amazed at the allegations, I consider them as cheap political efforts. ”
ISTANBUL Metropolitan Municipality, Kadıköy The claim that he will remove Atatürk Monument in Rıhtım Square and organize the region as 'Fair, Fair and Festival Area', Kadıköyattracted the great reaction of the people. Both the Metropolitan Municipality and Kadıköy Hundreds of municipalities and press organizations Kadıköysaid that they did not want the Atatürk Monument to be removed. Kadıköy Municipality Zoning Directorate prepared a petition for appeal to the project, which was suspended until Wednesday. Opposing the project Kadıköyuntil the Wednesday Kadıköy He will go to the Municipality and sign the petition. The petition will be forwarded to the Metropolitan Municipality.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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