Antalya Nostalgic Tram rented

Antalya Nostalgic Tram, which is owned by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, was rented from the municipal companies to Transportation AŞ for 5 years.
During the December continuation meeting of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council, the issue of leasing the Nostalgic Tram, which operates on the Zerdalilik-Museum line, to Transportation Inc., one of the municipal companies, was discussed. While the Ak Parti group opposed this process sözcüSü Murtaza Tamyürek's comment, "It seems that there is no lawlessness, but we do not participate because these things are a bit complicated," caused the Mayor Mustafa Akaydın to react.
Responding to Tamyürek's comment, President Akaydın said, “It is an approach like saying mixed jobs, 'If you are going to get into trouble, you can get in'. I can not fit this into your group. We went out to tender this. No bidder for the tender. A system that is already working at a loss. We run a dying system at a loss as Antalya people are nostalgic. We have no other choice. ”
In the voting, it was accepted by the majority of votes that the Nostalgic Tram belonging to the municipality was rented from the municipality companies to Transportation Inc. for 154 years with the vote of yes to the CHP and MHP groups against the rejection of the AK Party group.
Answering the questions of journalists at the end of the assembly, President Akaydın said that they wanted to remove the Nostalgic Tram, but they got into the idea of ​​running it even if it was at a loss from the public demand. Reminding that they removed the Nostalgic Tram and brought a project to start a wheeled vehicle on the same route, President Akaydın said:
“There was a special trolley bus type transportation project working in a narrow area. We have worked quite a bit, but Antalya is a nostalgic public opinion, regardless of the public opinion. They said 'Don't take us away from this tram'. It is not really easy to find a tool to work on that line. Moreover, the old one is preferred. We also tried at the Piano Festival and made a lot of premiums. That's why we say take it until it becomes unusable. It is currently hurting, but annual is not very high. ”

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 16:04

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