Construction of upper station for Antakya Telefer

Construction of the upper station for the Antakya Cable Car project started: The construction of the upper stations of the Antakya cable car project, which will be built between the Yarn Market and Habib-i Neccar Mountain, has been started by the Antakya Municipality.

Municipal authorities, Iplik Bazaar - Habib saat i will be approximately 1 150 meter long cable car line between Mount Najcar and will be carried to the thousand people per hour 200 reported.

In addition, it was stated that the excavation works continued in the sub-station section where the starting point of the ropeway 5 stands.

Within the framework of sub-station work at Iplik Pazarı site where the ropeway will be built, 5 teams which have been resolving the problem of expropriation of the houses in the area where the separate foot will be mounted and following the excavation works rapidly in the region, completed the works carried out in the region in cooperation with the High Council and Museum Directorate. the cable car line and cabins will be installed in the work.

The cable car project, one of the most important works in terms of urban tourism, is expected to be completed in the middle of 2013.

Source: Star Agenda

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