Ankara's new transportation system Havaray (Video)

The new transportation system of Ankara Havaray
The Ministry of Transport will sign a contract with the company that will construct "Ankara's new transportation system Havaray" next week. After the contract, the company will present the Havaray project for the approval of the Ministry.
About 20 kilometers of lines, that is, a viaduct will be built from Kızılay to Esenboğa airport. And the trains will reach the airport quickly without affecting the traffic on these dreams.
Different route plans are on the agenda in the project. The most important part of the project is the section from Pursaklar to the Red Crescent direction.
After Havaray Pursaklar, Ankara's new transportation system, the Ministry of Transport will decide which direction to use towards Kızılay.
Havaray is planned to be like examples abroad. There is not much wagon in the new rail system.



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