Ankara wants the Metrobus in Çubuk District

Ankara wants the Metrobus in Çubuk District
Çubuklu citizen wants to reach the Metrobüsü Çubuk, which is starting Ankara Gölbaşı expeditions ...
Citizen gidip Our road is suitable for metrobus. The location of a great difficulty in the borough in the district of Ankara Ankara is one of the most suitable alternatives for this trip, therefore, Rod District Metrobus Wants. The metrobuses, which will provide great convenience to the urban transportation of the capital, will also ease the traffic.
Now, Ankara and the gap between the bars almost attracted the citizens, together with the economic and rapid transportation system should be entered.
Rod citizens, Metrobus flights to be distributed in a fair, the General Directorate of EGO has demands. They want the Metrobus flights to Çubuk as soon as possible.
Thanks to this innovation brought by the Metropolitan Municipality for urban transportation, citizens; With the lar Metrobus Card “which is going to be used in a short time and will start to be used in a short time without stopping a long distance thanks to the metrobuses, the 75 will be traveling in second and third transfers without paying any fee after the first ride in minutes. Rodent also wants to take advantage of this situation.

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