Sending the President for Ankara Metro

Sending the President for Ankara Metro
Çankaya Mayor Bülent Tanık said to the question of the press member, "The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality is adept at explaining that I did things that he did not do himself." Bülent Tanık continued as follows; “I have the Prime Minister laid the foundation for the Ankara Metro and I have four subways built, he says. I leave this appreciation to both the Prime Minister and the concerned Minister. I already knew that I could not do this job, so I forced the government by basing it in more than one place, and it is not my job to ask the account for this job. The relevant unit should ask, but the expectation of the citizen is; It has not built one meter of subway to Ankara for 20 years. It looks like rotten crusts at work. I underline the words of Mr. Minister - It is not right to hide the mistakes made here - without having to say anything about Northern Ankara.

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