Was the Ankara Metrobus out of control?

Was the Ankara Metrobus out of control?
One of the biggest problems of our citizens living in Gölbaşı in recent days. More precisely, the “inaccessibility u problem. Golbasi people, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by the public transportation between Gölbaşı-Ankara to both accelerate and relieve the metrobus line "Çilebüs" returned to the line.
In fact, one of the most important rules of contemporary urbanization is that the most appropriate way to reach every point of the city is solved. This is a duty for local governments and a right for citizens. This right must be fulfilled properly. In this context, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate in order to relieve the transportation between Golbasi and Ankara in order to remove the existing system to activate the Metrobus Line application.
At first glance, this method seems to relieve the transportation, but on the contrary, it has turned into a trespass because of ”application“ mistakes. On the contrary, the development and travel and waiting times of the 2-3 floor have increased. Insufficiency of the vehicles connecting to the metrobial, the removal of very long intervals and the lack of more frequent BRT voyages have been a major factor in the prolongation of transportation time. Earlier, the vehicles from Golbasi to come up to Ulus Red Crescent until the present application can reach Aşti'ya and there is the obligation to transfer again.
In particular, the citizens of Gölbaşı TOKI Blocks have suffered a long way from the bus stop. They expressed their problems with the petition signed by 3500, which they gave to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As a result of these complaints, EGO has increased the number of flights to 118 in order to solve this problem.
We hope that this problem is solved as soon as possible due to application errors and the people of Gölbaşı take a breath of breath.

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