Ankara Metrobüs comedy

Ankara Metrobüs comedy
We finally had the opportunity to meet with the 'metrobus' that Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek has spoken for 4 years on the Gölbaşı-AŞTİ line. Ankara Metrobus line Good luck.
I wonder how it would be to draw a lane of the road, to put the bellows into the bus and to present it to the citizen.
I would like to share with me what kind of a metrobus system is a practice as a city planner and a professional person who is also interested in transportation issues:
First of all, the BRT system is a tire-wheeled system, which is preferred by developing countries, which can be done in a much shorter time compared to the metro, in case of inadequate resources for metro investment in the transportation routes where there is a demand for intensive travel.
This system handles bus routes that are completely isolated from traffic on the current road (see nearest example Istanbul), it does not move in the current traffic, so it is also fast.
Metrobus line is determined by traffic and travel counts according to scientific methods.
In this system, buses are not bellows buses that we know, they are manufactured specifically or at least they are different.
Metrobüste pauses (as in subways) are arranged as a platform, when entering the platform, the tickets are read and the platform area is now the free ride area.
Special physical measures are taken for safe and easy pedestrian access to the stops.
Special arrangements are made at intersections.
Unfortunately, there is no similarity between the 'system' brought to us in Ankara by metrobüs. Since no new project has been put in front of Ankara, the courage to put 'proce' away from such seriousness and scientificness is shown.
Unfortunately, it's a sad smile to watch this comedy!

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