Ankara metrobus application of the petitions in the parliament

Ankara metrobus application of the petitions in the parliament
Metropolitan Municipality of Gölbasi-AŞTİ on the route of the metrobus transport to the complaint poured oil. 3 bin 500 citizen, the petition to the Parliamentary Petition Commission, "Ankara metrobus application to stay," he said.
Gölbaşı-AŞTİ between the metrobus complained rainbow. 3 thousand 500 citizens who applied to the Parliamentary Petition Commission reported that they were victims of the transfer practice.
In the petitions, it was emphasized that with the BRT, the city center could be reached in a longer time.
The 3 bin 500 submitted the petition to the municipality, and will send the complaint to the Metropolitan Municipality tomorrow and ask for an evaluation. The municipality has to answer the petitions within 30 days. The Commission will send the complaints to the municipality within a day. In the meantime, if the Commission wants the Municipal authorities to call the Assembly and has the authority to listen.
Among the complaints, there are also a large number of Assembly personnel residing in TOKİ houses. Gölbaşı Park Eymir Houses sitting in the House Legislative Expert Onur Çekiç'in telling the trouble and many people signed the petition in the following statements:
Um I was able to go from work to work at home all the time by using EGO's buses 193 and 195 every day. However, as of December, 10 EGO General Directorate Transport Coordinating Center (UKOME) abolished 12 and 193 bus routes, citing the decision of the General Assembly dated October 195. In order to provide more frequent services and transportation services in short time, BRT application has been started. However, this new arrangement has led to serious and new grievances instead of solving the problems.
It was possible to reach Kızılay and Ulus at once and with a single vehicle from the address I resided before the application of Metrobus. In the new application, it was made possible to go to Kızılay and Ulus by changing at least three or four vehicles. Again in the old practice, it was possible to reach Kızılay and Ulus in 40-45 minutes. In the new metrobus application, which is carried out for faster transportation reasons, when the vehicle changes and the routes followed by these vehicles are also taken into account, the most optimistic estimate can reach the Red Crescent and Ulus in 5, 2 - XNUMX hours. Both the ring vehicles that are used to reach the Gölbaşı departure point and the metrobus, which are ridden from the departure point, roam the district center of Gölbaşı on the same route.

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