Karesi Express from Ankara, Izmir

Karesi Express from Ankara, Izmir
The 2 wagons of the Karesi Express, which made the Ankara-Izmir expedition, derailed during the switch change near the town of Tavşanlı, Kütahya. There is no dead nor injured in the accident.
KÜTAHYA- According to the information received, the incident took place near Değirmisaz Village in the town of Tavşanlı, Kütahya, around 03.00:21. 50 of the 6 wagons of the Karesi Express, which was heading in the direction of Izmir, with a flight number of 3 thousand 2, derailed at Değirmisaz Station. While it was stated that 3 of the passenger wagons and the XNUMX wagons, one of which was the wagon that heated the train, called the sofaj, were only derailed and not overturned, the passengers were saved without injuries (Karesi Express Derailed).
The railway line was closed due to the accident, which was stated to have occurred during the switch change. Approximately 300 passengers on the Karesi Express were brought to Tavşanlı station by another train. Passengers who spent the night at the station were taken early in the morning by buses to Balıköy town of Tavşanlı district and taken to İzmir by taking another train waiting for them.
Due to the accident, the passengers waiting for the train from the direction of Izmir on the train from the town of Tavsanli to go to the direction of Ankara was taken to the train. Authorities, the derelict wagons to remove the road and continue to work reported.

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