Ankara - Eskişehir YHT - A sweet trip with high speed train

Ankara - Eskisehir YHT - a sweet high-speed train travel
The YHT (High Speed ​​Train) aircraft is so luxurious and comfortable and much safer than the plane.
Between Ankara and Eskişehir, only the Sincan and Polatlı stations have a very short period of time and when they reach full speed, the speed reaches to 253-Km / h per hour.
There are two positions in the high-speed train (Business Class) and (Economy Class). Business (Commercial) publishes music video channel in the section along with TV and internet available. Along with the cafe bar section, female hostesses offer free treats.
Ticket prices :
* (Business Class) COMMERCIAL CLASS = 30-TL / People
* (Economy Class) ECONOMIC CLASS = 20-TL / People
The duration of this sweet trip lasts approximately one and a half hours (90-Minutes).


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