US Weekly Rail Transport Volume Decreases 1.6 Percent

📩 25/11/2018 16:05

US Weekly Rail Transport Volume Decreases 1.6 Percent
US Weekly Rail Freight Volume ended December 8
1.6 percent decrease per week.
From data released by Foreks' US Association of Railways (AAR)
According to information compiled, last load traffic, last week 292 bin 206 wagon
It was.
On a weekly basis, the volume of containers is equal to the same period last year.
1.1 increased 206 bin 98, while trailer volume 8.4 decrease 33 bin
It came to 771. Thus, Intermodal transport volume fell 0.3 percent to 240.
One thousand was 98.
The estimated amount of freight transported by rail is 1.7 billion
In the same period last year's railway and iron and steel scrap transport last year
4.5 dropped 4 by 87. Metal products
11.9 9 742 Decreases XNUMX Percentage, Metal Ore Transportation Percent
16.6 increased to 8 bin 126.
Coal transports were the 9.7 bin 121 wagon with a decrease of 147.

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