Recep Altepe: Infrastructure Manufacturing of High Speed ​​Trains Will Be Made in Bursa

Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe
Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the infrastructure construction of high speed trains in Italy and Poland will be carried out in Bursa.

This period, using all the values ​​of Bursa in the best way, aiming to make the city brand Altepe President, the last one of the last of the rail system vehicles to Bursa, 8 million pounds, 4'dan 32 million pounds expressed that they paid.

2 sample tool, 3 at the end of the year, in line with the world standards, accreditation organizations have been able to produce vehicles passing the tests recorded Altepe, Bursa has become a center for rail system vehicles, he added.

Altepe said, g The vehicles we produce can go on the streets of Germany and in Paris. In addition to the world-class high-speed train production was made in Bursa. Mass production begins in March, Mart he said.


Noting that Italian and Polish high-speed trains will be built in Bursa, Altepe said, “These productions are done jointly with world companies. This is also important for the economy of the country. Although the center is in Bursa, parts will be produced in Adapazarı, Samsun, Kayseri, Konya and Sivas. "This is really a very important move and an exemplary work," he said. - Event



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