Bursa 59 Getting High Speed ​​Train After Years

Today, Bursa 59 is getting a high speed train after year break
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said they upset the opposition with their actions.
Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they upset the opposition with their actions. Referring to the sign 'We apologize for the inconvenience we give to the environment' in the construction, Minister Yıldırım said, “We also apologize for the inconvenience to the opposition for the ways we have made for the country. Let's print it out. ” used the expression.
Maritime and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım spoke at the Bursa high speed train groundbreaking ceremony. Referring to the 'little bits of Bursa' folk, Minister Yıldırım said: “We have compiled the little bits of Bursa, we collected it, laid it under the divided road of the high-speed train, we opened your path and also opened your luck. How does all this happen? If there is stability in a country, if there is trust, there is 75 million prayer, if there is support, there is nothing you cannot do. As long as you want to serve. 10 years ago, we added 6 thousand 16 kilometers to the divided road, which we took as 200 thousand kilometers, and reached the divided road of 22 thousand 200 kilometers. 80 thousand in 6 years, 10 thousand 16 kilometers in 200 years. Some say it shows resentment. What do you need, I am jealous, try to be jealous, you try too. There are signs in the constructions, 'We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the construction,' it says. We will write the following on the signs; 'We apologize for the inconvenience we have given to the opposition for the ways we work for the country, the work'. Of course, the possibilities are the same. What has changed in the country? Did we find oil? Did we find the burial? Nothing, if the will has changed, and if there is a strong will, you will accomplish every job for your country. Ak Parti is the product of such a success.
Expressing that they did politics for service, Minister Yıldırım said that they do not understand politics as making a speech. Minister Yıldırım noted: “We are not among those who could not travel for miles along a barley road like others. Ak Parti is a party that travels for miles and speaks a barley. Our nation sees this. The airline has become the way of the people. Turkey's eastern, western, southern, we have equipped the north. We took our country from Africa level in communication and made our country the 5 countries of Europe. We said that we should not come empty in this coming to Bursa. The high-speed train will go from Bursa to Bilecik, Eskişehir to Ankara, then to the east and west. But it will also be connected to Gemlik. We made the decision. We are starting in 2013. Best wishes."
Explaining that Bursa is having a historical day, Binali Yıldırım stated that the railroad between Bursa and Mudanya was dismantled with the law passed 59 years ago. Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım continued as follows: “You did not hear it wrong, in the 1890s, a railway was built between Bursa-Mudanya road. Later 59 years ago this railway was closed and its rails were collected. Now we are doing his crash, but not the same standard of railway, but the high-speed railway, built with the world's most advanced technology. We make this effort to forgive ourselves for the people of Bursa. Imagine a city that has witnessed the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has led to the growth of development. Imagine a city around Kütahya, Eskişehir Bandırma, there are railroads in Istanbul, no rail. This was not a good match for Bursa. In the first days we took office, the Bursa railway project was also among the 30-year promises dusty on the shelves. I am a student preparing for university year 1972-73. At that time, elections are approaching and promises are increasing. I will hear a voice in my ear 'It will be a speed rail between Ankara and Istanbul', travel time will decrease to 2,5 hours'. Years have passed. 80s, 90s, coming 2000, 11 governments are changing, 23 ministers are changing, nothing changes in that project. Until when, everything changes until the Ak Party is alone. Turkey's fate is not their fate of Railways is changing. November 3, 2002 is a milestone when the development of democracy has changed. On the one hand, on the one hand, while strengthening our democracy, on the one hand, we addressed our accumulated problems, neglected for years, one by one. Instead of avoiding the problems, we went over it instead of sweeping the problems under the rug. We have come to these days by turning problems like mountains into services like mountains. We left 10 years behind. We compare Turkey in the last 10 years to 80 years. 10 years ago has nothing to compare with the last 10 years. 90s is a year spent with games played on weak political will and democracy. His is one of the golden opportunity for the period 2003 until 2012, which is Turkey's capture. When we look at the history of our republic, there are not many such periods. Not all of the 50-60 1980s; 83-87. You look at the other years, we have always consumed our energy with the wars and the problems of the country. In the last 10 years, we have made a 200 billion lira transportation communication investment in this country. We brought our people to our country. 200 billion. Now, let's give an example from railways. Only 1950 kilometers of roads were constructed from 2003 to 945. What happens to 50 years, and what about Christmas? 18 kilometers. A bright period of railways, like this period, from the foundation of the Republic until 1946. ”
Pointing out that the 75-kilometer section of the 20-kilometer high-speed train line between Bursa and Yenişehir has been completed, Minister Binali Yıldırım noted that there will be 7 artworks along with 15 viaducts and 152 tunnels on the line. Minister Yıldırım concluded his words as follows: “This is called high speed train. This is not called the Black Train. While this is going, everybody stops, this is the high-speed train that passes from the bottom to the top. Safety comes first, we must ensure this safety. It's expensive. It is not cheap, but no matter how expensive it is, there is nothing more precious than our person. There is nothing more important than serving Bursa. We will continue to pay for Bursa by paying a high-speed train by making a highway by making a divided road. In the next 4 years, we will connect 15 important cities with high-speed trains. We bring together 75 million of them with high-speed train. Bursa, Bilecik, Bursa Eskişehir, Sakarya, Istanbul, Konya, Ankara, Kırıkkale, Afyon, butler, Manisa, İzmir, Yozgat, Sivas by the end of 2016 will be tied up. Bursa waited a lot but finally got more than enough.

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