Bursa High Speed ​​Train Station Technical Details (Special News)

Bursa High Speed ​​Train Station Technical Details
Bursa Train Station of the high-speed train was also announced: Modern architecture
Although, kesin There has not been a final consensus on the place.
The public's short name known as the Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD prepared by the project in the rear of the location of the high-speed train station Start in Bursa where the forest has set ending streams.
Some non-governmental organizations, especially Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, focus on the construction of Bursa Railway Station, which is the closest point to Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal.
During the week, the process was followed by the procurement process and the signatures were signed between TCDD and the consortium.
The eyes were once again turned into a high-speed train and station.
According to the project…
Bursa High Speed ​​Train Station Technical Details
The Bursa Train Station of the high-speed train will be built in three different classes in Bursa.
The first station is named as Bursa Railway Station in the large category. The project, which is planned as Yenişehir Station, is in the middle type category. As Gürsu Station, it envisions a small type of station developed for less populated places.
From these three stations, only the location of Yenisehir Station. In the large category Bursa Garı and the small class Gürsu Station locations were not finalized.
TCDD put the architectural understanding of Bursa Station into the technical specifications of the project. Design photos of the project Levent Özen'of http://www.rayhaber.com published on the website.
From photos ...
It is understood that the Bursa Railway has traces of modern architecture in accordance with the modern development of the city.
Between the station building and the rails on the top of the platform where passengers will ride on the platform as a transparent material covered with steel construction, the interior is also included in the modern lines.



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