TCDD in post promotion 30 in December

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration Promotion and Change of Title Examination, TCDD rise office exam December 30
TCDD exams for exams
Candidates will apply to TCDD.
EXAM DATE, DAY AND TIME: ”The Promotion and Change of Title Exam will be held on Sunday, December 30, 2012, at 10.00:XNUMX.
A Question B and A booklet consisting of 75-choice multiple-choice (four-choice) tests will be used.
"Promotion of Examination will take 90 minutes and will be applied as a single session.
A and B question booklet consisting of 50 questions multiple choice tests with Title Change Exam will be used.
The Title Change Exam will take 75 minutes and will be applied as a single session.
Candidates will take the exam with one of the exam entry documents and special identity documents (identity card, driver's license or passport).
Candidates who do not have a special identity document and those who have a mobile phone with them will not be admitted to the exam.
Candidates must submit their "Exam Entry Document" as of 21 December 2012. internet address.
”Exam question and answer keys on January 02, 2013 ve Internet addresses.
Candidate exam results will be delivered to TCDD on January 18, 2013, the same day. ve Internet addresses.
”In the exam building, the smokers will be treated in accordance with the relevant law.
If there are candidates / candidates who have any disability status to be taken by YEĞİTEK before the exam and at the time of the exam, the candidate's TCDD in case of any copy of the candidate's ID card in which the candidate's medical board report or the candidate's disability status was officially processed It has to be delivered to 30 November 2012.
The applicant shall be responsible for the accuracy of the declared apology and for the validity of the report. This will be indicated in the announcements about the exam.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways company General Directorate of dismissal take place in the Promotion will be applied in exam questions booklet of 75 to 40% of the problems (30 questions) Innovation and Educational Technology Directorate General by a? Lament will be prepared from the specified topic.
ATC Constitution (I. General Principles, Basic Fundamentals and Assignments, Fundamental Bodies of the Third State),
B. Principles of Atatürk and History of Reform, National Security
C. Legislation on the State Organization
D. Decree no. 399 and related Legislation,
E. Rules for Turkish, Grammar and Correspondence
F. Public relations
G. Principles of Ethical Behavior
The 50 question, which will be included in the exam question booklet to be applied in the Title Change exam, will be prepared by TCDD.
Evaluation group numbers are as indicated in the table.
Rise in Mission
Group Nu Group Name
1 Traffic Controller
2 Station Chief
3 Road Scout
4 Facility Surveillance
5 Warehouse Treasurer
Name change
Group Nu Group Name
6 Engineer
”The evaluation will be made over 100 points, those who score 70 or more by considering the correct answers will be considered successful and the formula [Score = (Number of Correct / Number of Questions) x 100] will be used in the calculation of success score.
Each question that will be included in the exam has weight as the score.
As a result of the fact that there is an error in the answer key and this issue is determined by the commission decision, the questions / questions will not be canceled and these questions / questions will be included in the evaluation by taking into account the correctness of the wrong questions / questions.
"In case of erroneous questions / questions arising during the evaluation, as stated in the second paragraph of the article 15 of the" General Regulation on the Principles of Promotion and Change of Positions in Public Institutions and Institutions ", which was enacted by the Council of Ministers decision dated 3/1999/99 and numbered 12647/14. ”In the exams, the points corresponding to the wrong questions are distributed equally to the other questions. However, if more than five percent of the questions are found to be erroneous upon the objections made in the period specified in the first paragraph or in any way, the examination will be canceled and a new examination will be held as soon as possible. ” will be evaluated in accordance with its provision.
Candidates for information and communication about the exam will be able to benefit from the phone number of “Alo 147” at the MEB communication center.
”Candidates can submit their objection to the exam questions and their application to the question and answer key ​​and no later than 3 (three) after publication on internet addresses? Within 5 days, the objections of the exam result are not later than XNUMX (be?) i. They will do it to TCDD on.
"Candidates appeal to the questions asked by YEĞİTEK the only references? SINGLE Rotary Ziraat Bank branches in the capital business BA? Houses / ANKARA, Turkey Foundations Bank Ankara Central branch and Turkey Halk Bankasi to any one Küçükesat branch" Corporate Payment Collection Program "via $ 10 ( Ten TL VAT Included) by paying the objection fee, the bank receipt and the name of the exam will be made with the petition.
”A petition without a bank receipt, TR identity number, name, surname, signature and address, an appeal made by fax, and appeals made after the deadline will not be considered.
For 60 (forty-five) questions in the promotion exam (45% slice) and the 50 (fifty) questions to be asked in the title change exam regarding the topics related to “Task Areas and the Nature of the Task to Be Assigned” to be asked in the promotion and title change exam. TCDD will review and finalize the objections.
All the objections to the objections will be notified to the candidates by TCDD.
General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies


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  1. exams should be done after courses and internships. Technical questions should be asked to technical services instead of general culture or literary questions. Persons who prepare the question or evaluate the answer should also pass a fast heavy course,