TÜVASAŞ in Turkey is not only very important for Sakarya

TÜVASAŞ in Turkey is not only very important for Sakarya
Chairman of the Turkish Transport Union Sakarya Branch Ömür Kalkan stated that it is a very positive development that Sakarya works for the transition to light rail transportation.
Kalkan also criticized the attempts of TÜVASAŞ to move from the city, and it is the neck of our neck to claim TÜVASAŞ eleştir.
She was late
In his statement Kalkan said, emi The importance of rail transport in our country is understood to be late. The interest of the local authorities in light rail transportation system in recent years is an indication of this. It is a positive development for Sakarya to start working on the transition to light rail transportation in urban transportation. Içi
economic value for Turkey
Founded in 1951 and engaged in domestic wagon production since 1961 and currently flies to the design of rail vehicles for the transport, manufacturing and maintenance - TÜVASAŞ that the repair 's only underlines an important economic value for Turkey not to Sakarya Shield, "because of external dependence in this sector The only obstacle in front of him is TÜVASAŞ. The existence of TÜVASAŞ is not limited to this, but it also prevents the price determination of large organizations in this sector, which produces rail vehicles in passenger transportation. Half a century for more than Turkey needs the TÜVASAŞ provide alone the manufacture of passenger cars, Bursaray with Siemens company, EUROTEM with the Marmaray project, and DMI, EMI has launched production in Iraq and an important step towards becoming an international brand by exporting cars to Bulgaria It has taken. The goal in the next process is to manufacture subway, light subway and high speed train sets. The requests of our Prime Minister and ministers to give importance to domestic production satisfy us as TÜVASAŞ employees. However, the government should show its sincerity in its statements regarding domestic production with the support it will give to local administrations' requests. ”
TÜVASAŞ is important
Shield, "TÜVASAŞ not only a very important institution in Sakarya in Turkey. It is the most employment-creating institution in our city, with over 1500 employees and sub-industry employees. The support given by the employees to the city's economy reaches very important sums. TÜVASAŞ-Sakaya means Sakarya-TÜVASAŞ. Going to TÜVASAŞ should be a priority task for every Sakaryalı. Sakarya should end the habit of closing its factories to open new parking areas. ”
Since 1986, TÜVASAŞ, which continues its existence as a subsidiary of TCDD, has the necessary knowledge and experience from General Manager to Rail Transport Officer and Worker. Müdür the companies that make production and TÜVASAŞ'ı to go out is the debt of our neck, alar he said.

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