The lonely and quiet beauty of Istanbul: Haydarpasa Train Station

The lonely and quiet beauty of Istanbul: Haydarpasa Train Station
One of the unforgettable scenes of Yeşilçam movies; The lead actor comes out of the gate of Haydarpasa Train Station and looks at Istanbul. There is even a line that is cliché remaining from these films. With the wooden suitcase in his hand and the hope from the young people from Anatolia, Haydarpasa Garının steeples from Istanbul to Istanbul: I will beat Istanbul!
In other words, Haydarpaşa symbolizes Istanbul. Kadıköy-Karaköy or Eminönü or Kadıköy- I am sure there is not even a person who does not watch Haydarpasha on the Beşiktaş ferry. The history that hides inside the architectural beauty, the location that makes you feel like you are in the Bosphorus, the big clock on the roof, impresses those who see it. Personally, every Kadıköy I watch him on the ferry for a long time, I get excited as I get closer, I want to take a picture every time I see it. I have dozens of photos of Haydarpaşa Station that look almost the same but actually have different feelings every time.

I've recently begun to look longer for a long time because the building will undergo a very big change. History will disappear. Therefore I want to look long long and enjoy this image. I'm afraid that the image that will be formed after the change will look like the irony of the Demirören shopping center on İstiklal Street. Yes, at the end of March will be completely closed to the gar building will enter into a two-year renovation, and when the output of the sparkling sparkling age, all the historical fabric will be a crowded, soulless structure. The worst part of this is to witness the disappearance of history and to do nothing. I could only do what I could, and I took a lot of photos without losing their history. I've taken some meaningful photos with a shot so sincere that I can put myself in the tracks. And this article. Unfortunately, that's what I can do. I wish I could do more. I'd like to get Haydarpasha out of this renting crazy. I wish that this lonely and quiet building would stay the same.

The most beautiful information about my country where I could find the most detailed information about my country, Haydarpasa Train Station in 1872. In spite of Istanbul's economic importance, Sultan Abdulaziz interfered with the lack of a railroad. First Istanbul-Izmit line was built. After the 1888, the Anatolian expeditions began. In the 1906, due to the inadequacy of the existing railway station, II. Abdülhamit asked for a new large building. Two German architects, Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno, accepted the project and started construction. German architects and engineers, Italian stone masters and Turkish workers worked for the construction. The building was opened in 1908.

Due to its services to the area where the station is located, III. Since Haydarpaşa, one of the pashas of the Selim period, was named, the garage and building built were named Haydarpaşa. The building, which is an example of neoclassical architecture, was built on 21 piles, each of which is 1100 meters long. During the First World War, the British captured the Haydarpaşa Station. After the Turkish Republic was founded in 1923 but the operation of the station in 1927 was transferred to Turkey republic. During this period, with a sabotage in 1917, the station where war materials were stored exploded and the building was severely damaged. Again in 1979, as a result of a ship accident off Haydarpaşa, the station building was damaged. A fire broke out on the roof of the renovated building due to carelessness during the last November 2010 renovation works. This fire scene, which remains in our minds due to hours of live broadcast on televisions, was actually a forerunner of this new plan. Because there was no renovation work after the fire, there was only the front wall of the roof and a huge gap was formed behind it.

Haydarpasa station has been involved in some of the worldwide studies. In 2009 this short film was shot as a perfume ad. Again the famous Garbage group's song "Run baby run" was displayed in the video clip.

For the year of 2012, the Haydarpaşa Train Station was followed by the World Monuments Fund, the World Monuments Fund. This plan was made considering that the Marmaray project will affect the position and future of the station. Now I wonder what action this institution will take for the ugliness that will occur with this shopping center project. Because the purpose of the institution is to preserve the cultural structure of this monumental building.
I hope that Haydarpaşa will not be transferred to the future generations. I hope that Istanbul preserves this beauty.
This is exactly what I wrote with this feeling, and after the 2 week after I published, I received praise from my photographs from a Canadian journalist. And the best news is that this journalist has started a project to save Haydarpaşa from far away. The photos you see are about to spread all over the world as images of this project. The worst part of the situation is that a journalist wanted to shout to prevent the demolition so far. I hope that this project and all projects for Haydarpaşa will be successful Bu


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