Frequently Asked Questions About IRIS Certification

IRIS Certification
IRIS Certification

Frequently Asked Questions About IRIS Certification: International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) is a common, global method for evaluating business management systems across the rail supply chain. It is based on ISO 9001 and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the international railway industry.

At SGS, our experienced auditors have deep knowledge of your industry and its certification standards to guide your organization through the audit process leading to IRIS Certification. Success leads to new markets and shows your commitment to quality and safety.

IRIS regulations and guidelines offer a high level of transparency for the inspection of railway suppliers. Valid for suppliers of materials and components to the railway industry and has been mandatory since 2009 for the railway vehicles and signaling industries. IRIS was developed by the European Railway Industries Association (UNIFE).

IRIS Certification
IRIS Certification

IRIS Certification requirements are an integral part of the participating companies' management systems and provide significant benefits for:

System Integrators

  • Increases the quality in your various production facilities
  • Simplifies the process of evaluating and approving suppliers
  • Eliminates the need for your own approval audits
  • Access to accurate and reliable data from a single common IRIS web database

Material Manufacturers

  • Inputs and updates data to IRIS platform
  • Successful certification information can be made available to all system integrators and potential customers
  • Brings high visibility in industry
  • Save time and money with a single application for certification (ISO 9001 and IRIS)


  • It develops throughout the entire supply chain by developing both railway materials and rail vehicles.

IRIS certification We can help your organization develop a railway quality management system by evaluating against standards and improve your performance with inspection, certification and seminar services.

Which organizations support IRIS certification?

IRIS is an initiative led by the European Railway Industry Association (UNIFE). It is widely supported by system assemblers and equipment manufacturers such as Bombardier, Siemens, Alstom, Ansaldo-Breda all over Europe.

What are the differences between IRIS and ISO 9001?

IRIS  To the structure of ISO 9001 and adds specific requirements for rail to the business orientation system. For example, it is linked to project management and design.

Will this document replace individual assessments? Yeah. this document will replace individual assessments, at least by those made by the four founders of this initiative (Alstom Transport, Ansaldo-Breda, Siemens Transportation and Bombardier Transportation).

What kind of firms are most related to IRIS?

IRIS can be applied to all direct and indirect sub-industries (such as system building parts and single components), manufacturers of tracked vehicles as well as Operators.

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