Corum Hittite Associations Federation President Cemal Emir, Corum airport, and the launch of a campaign for the launch of high-speed train, he said.

Cemal Emir, Corum Hittite Associations Federation President, said that they will start a campaign to build an airport and bring a high-speed train to Çorum. Emir visited Çetin Başaranhıncal, the accompanying federation managers and the Chairman of the Board of Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO).
Providing information about the work of the federation, Emir stated that the federation, whose headquarters is located in Ankara, has about 60 members and they want to organize in Istanbul and Izmir as well. Noting that thousands of Çorum people live in the capital Ankara, Emir said:
“In Ankara, Çorumlu lives most after the population of Ankara. We are the first in this field, but despite our potential, we are the last in issues such as education, culture and politics. Our aim is to bring the Çorum people in the capital together and add values ​​to our country. We will also launch a campaign on airport and high-speed train, which is one of the biggest problems of our city. We will convey this demand and longing to everyone. ”
- “Our common denominator Çorum, our door is always open when you need it”
TSO Chairman of the Board of Directors Çetin Başaranhıncal emphasized that the number of Çorum people living in Ankara is more in terms of population and there are about 180 Çorumlu associations, but they could not come together.
"If we are one and together, then we will be strong," said Başaranhıncal,
“We have to make some self-criticism. All projects are going through Ankara. It is obvious that other provinces do. We have not been able to achieve the desired draw so far, but it should not mean that this will go like this. Çorum Promotion Days held in Ankara last month was a very good organization. Such activities should continue, ”he said.
Başaranhıncal also touched upon the issue of airport and railway, said:
“It does not mean anything to discuss which city is building an airport and trying to get a share of it. We have to reveal our own truths and justifications. You can express our airport request anywhere. If we also clarify the issue of railway, we demand the railroad for freight transportation first. We should continue our struggle in this regard until we get on the train. Our middle denominator, Çorum, is always open when you need it. ”

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