Tram will go to 7 corners of Bursa - Bursa T1 tram line

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality equips the city with rail vehicles. Indicating that they connect the east and west of the city by rails, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, "Bursa is becoming a center of modern transportation networks," he said.
Bursa is knitted with iron nets. While the Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of the metro line with the Ankara Road phase, it solves the transportation problem with the rail system vehicles with the urban tram project. The tram line works, which first started with the Cumhuriyet Caddesi line, extended to the Yıldırım district. After the tender made, Bursa T1 tram line started. There will be 13 stations along the route of Stadyum Caddesi-Altıparmak Caddesi-AtatürkCaddesi-Sculpture-İnönü Avenue-Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi-Kent Square-Darmstad Street, 1 workshop building, 2 warehouse roads, 2 workshop roads, 15 switches, 1 cruiser, 3 transformers. building will take place. Special rail system work will be carried out in the area that intersects with the Cumhuriyet Caddesi tram line.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which started to work with Stadium Street, Uluyol and İnönü Avenue, completed most of its works on Altıparmak Avenue. Stating that they aim to finish the Bursa T1 tram line by May, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe talked about the tram works during his visit to the UAV Regional Directorate. Reminding that every corner from the east to the west of Bursa, from Beşevler to İhsaniye will be connected to each other by rail system investments, President Altepe continues the projecting work of the Terminal and other rail system lines as well as the 6,5 km long route and the tram line with approximately 13 stops. stated that. Expressing that they first started the Bursa T1 tram line on Stadium Avenue, Altepe said, “Later, after saying Darmstad Avenue and İnönü Street, we now came to Altıparmak. It is mostly completed in Altıparmak. We reached the Şahabettin Pasha Mosque. Now we will continue up from there. Currently, they are also working in Uluyol. From there, we will do other works by saying their connections and the line to the station, then power lines, poles. Our goal is to finish this construction in May. It looks like we will achieve this, ”he said.
Altepe said they are following the world municipalities, ın Travel frequencies should be increased so that people prefer rail system. They don't wait long in the stops. We don't have a problem with the comfort of the trip. We have almost completed the lines in Bursa. We'll spread the tram lines quickly. Bursa T1 tram line on one hand, Yalova Yolu on one hand, Yildirim on one hand, Yildirimir on the one hand, on the other hand, Dikirdirim on the other; lam Bursa will be a center with modern transportation networks. bulundu

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