Black Sea Railway to Open the World

Black Sea Railway to Open the World
Rize City Council Railway Working Group President Hamit Turna, in his statement pointed out the importance of the Black Sea Railway. Turna, "the world's railroad age re-starting, the Black Sea Railway to the world to open," he said.
Stating that the first rail system was used in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, 2 thousand 600 years ago, Turna said, ığ The first railway started to be built with the development of industrialization in England in 1795. All Europe, America, North Asia, China, Japan were built with rail networks. Today, a new era for railroad construction begins in the world. Yarat Railway transportation is gaining importance again because of the depletion of oil deposits, the air pollution created by the cars and the traffic terror which takes hundreds of lives every day. Petrol
After the completion of the railway networks in the advanced countries, they also developed road transport, but the air pollution caused by traffic terrorism and the car could not be prevented expressing Turna, "Worse still to sell the oil and auto-rail countries to prevent them to make railroads with incentives to force them to do." He said.
In his statement, Rize City Council Railway Working Group President Hamit Turna said that many countries in Europe had taken various measures against the highways by making bicycle routes in urban transportation and said: They have now begun to turn their motorways into railways, or have begun to build railways on highways. The public opinion efforts for the Black Sea railway have received full support from the public in all Black Sea provinces. All the non-governmental organizations and political parties that we discussed also took the Black Sea Railway to their agenda. The universities in the Black Sea region show the same sensitivity. Aynı
Turna, description, "For cheaper and healthy transportation, for fresh air, to eliminate the traffic monster, to get rid of dependence on oil, the world begins in the railway age, the Black Sea Railway to the world as we start," he completed.

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