In the port of İnebolu, the cable car 24 stands hanging for years

In the port of İnebolu, the cable car 24 stands hanging for years
Yusuf Çelik - Mehmet Tuğcu - The cable car which was put into operation in 1988 and used only for 2 years, has been hanging over 24 years.
The cable car, which was established to carry the copper, which was extracted from the mines in 1988 during the period when Eti Bakır Küre Facilities was in public, over the Küre Mountains with forested and rugged land, the cable car to İnebolu Port stretches for 22 kilometers over the villages, trees and highways to the Eti Bakır business.
One of the most important features of the ropeway to reduce the cost was that it was designed to work with zero energy. The weight of the cabins filled with the copper from above, again pulled up the booths vacated in Inebolu Port. However, the cable car, which was used for two years, was suspended in the air when it was decided to transport the mine again with trucks.
For the 24 years, the cable car to Inebolu Port, which has been waiting in the air, cannot be removed due to high costs and can be renewed for tourism purposes.
(Cable car to İnebolu Port) we are considering lifting ”
Eti Copper Co Küre Concentrate Plant Operation Manager Ahmet Tezcan, AA correspondent, said: “In the period when the facility was privatized, if the cable car had been running, we would have been working. When we took over as private sector, we didn't run it because 12 would not have been running for years.
Tezcan, who reminded that they made millions of dollars of feasibility study,
I If we didn't have working difficulties due to natural conditions, we would maintain it and run it “.
Tezcan, who emphasized that some companies were offered to remove the lift from time to time, but the cost could not be calculated due to the size of the facility.
“We're thinking of lifting the lift. However, in order not to scrape it up, it is wanted to be evaluated elsewhere. Therefore, the lifting process is delayed miş.
Tezcan, who explained that it is not possible to make the cable car to tourism,
. We can say that it is not the same structure as the ropeways made for tourism purposes. Only the poles can be used for tourism. Extremely difficult to operate, especially in a harsh climate. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the snow as an air line in the regions where there is no ice. Especially the steel construction part is quite good Özellikle.
- “25 million investment required” -
Küre Mayor Kamil Aydınlı said that wagons and wires should be changed in order to be able to use the ropeway and that the investment was abandoned since it holds a serious figure like 25 million dollars in today's conditions.
Transferring this activity to Inebolu, Küre municipalities and associations with the purpose of providing this cable car to tourism, Aydınlı continued as follows:
“In the researches we carried out about 2 years ago, it was seen that this was not possible because it would bring a huge burden to Küre and İnebolu municipalities under the conditions of that day. It was a comprehensive project. Various houses would be designed here. People would be allowed to stay here. Something to do in cafeteria style. They would be provided to watch the land, forests, which are visual. Coastal tourism, boat tourism and hotels were to be built with a few boats in Inebolu. Since the people who will come here will stay and entertain in terms of visualization, it will be 40-50 million dollars with their facilities, and we have had to give up.

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