Transportation from Bursa to Uludag in 20 Minutes with the New Teleferik

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe stated that transportation to Uludağ is very important and said, N We were reaching for Uludag by 50 cable car for years but the cable car was tired. Now we're renovating, we're also going to hotels. That will allow the use of summer hotels in winter. Yani
Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, November 12 2012 days in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) adopted the new Metropolitan Law and descriptions found on the cable car to Uludag renovation work started. New Metropolitan Law and reform is an important chance for Turkey Altepe President stated that, "Because of the lack of resolving all issues with Turkey, a law making the investment and can not be prepared for the settlement of the problem. As is well known, the best management is the management and management. In line with the recommendations of our Prime Minister, studies were initiated. Our biggest chance is that our Prime Minister came from the local government. As in all areas of reforms in Turkey age, major reforms and changes in 10 years regarding productive local governments have increased. While the first years were very difficult, the local government became more prominent in these years. İlk
Edi With the emergence of the Metropolitan Law, the next obstacles have been lifted, çık said President Altepe.
Önemli The Metropolitan Law is very important. Because solving problems and making investments in the region depends on strong local authorities. Metropolitan municipalities to intervene in all the provincial boundaries and the problems here depends on the elimination. This was an urgent matter. Because all the people are planned from a single center. Previously in the planning of the municipality was able to plan, and every municipality in Bursa has an industry. This is important in terms of planning integrity. Metropolitan municipalities should make investments in planning. The shortcomings of villages, rural areas and troubled areas need to be addressed. Again, infrastructure investments are important. The infrastructure in rural areas is almost absent. This was a law that I had to come out of, and it turned out. No more obstacles have been lifted. Artık
President Altepe, Uludag, providing access to the cable car after the renewal of Bursa to Uludag, 20 will be provided in minutes, he said. Altepe stated that transportation of Uludağ is very important and said, olduğun Transportation by road is a troublesome and not recommended way. We have been to Uludag for years with 50 cable car, but the cable car was tired. So we decided to renovate the ropeway system. Now we're renovating, we're also going to hotels. With the 20 minute journey, you can reach Bursa from hotels. In other words, summer hotels will be used. 22 is a panoramic trip for minutes. The capacity of our ropeways running to this day was very low and was very insufficient during the summer months. Now the floor capacity of 12 has increased. Modern vehicles will carry the citizen to Uludağ without any problems, which are affected by the wind. Modern

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