When to finish half subway lines

When to finish half subway lines
CHP Ankara Deputy Aylin Nazlıaka brought up the collapse that occurred in the subway lines in front of the Air Force Command, in which a citizen died.
Claiming that the citizen lost his life after the second dent that occurred as a result of not intervening in the first dent, Nazlıaka said that he immediately went to the scene after the dent. "It is thought-provoking that there are no bureaucrats, you, the governor or the mayor," said Nazlıaka, and claimed that if such a dent is experienced in the western country, the mayor of that city would resign, and even the minister could resign.
Noting that people in the capital are now thinking “Will anything happen to me-” while walking on the street, Nazlıka asked if compensation was paid to the family of the citizen who lost his life in the collapse.
Aylin Nazlıaka said that the share of rail systems in public transportation in Ankara is as low as 11 percent, and wanted to learn when the unfinished metro lines will be completed.
CHP Malatya Deputy Ferit Mevlüt Aslanoğlu, claiming that plane tickets are expensive, said, “If a ticket is 99 lira on an airplane and another passenger flies 350 lira on that plane, it means there is an injustice here. They mislead you, plane tickets are very, very expensive. One day before the flight, if the ticket is purchased, it costs 350-400 lira, or even if it is to a tourism center like Bodrum, it can reach 500 lira.
"We cannot digest 300 people who were fired due to the strike in THY," said Aslanoğlu, saying that these people were unfairly dismissed. Aslanoğlu asked Minister Yıldırım to solve this by seizing it.
Aslanoğlu stated that there are turnstiles at one exit and at the entrance of the highway in Ankara, “What is the fault of Istanbul- You cannot do an injustice to Istanbul. You cannot get money in Istanbul, the turnstile must be at the entrance and exit of an Istanbul, ”he said. Aslanoğlu stated that money cannot be received from Bosphorus bridges in Istanbul.

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