She has no choice at the train

No woman has the right to choose in the train
The State Railways, step by step on the way of modernization of 2023 billion dollars, which it plans to make until 45, failed in ticket sales. Online sales have the right to choose a place for men, not women.
There is no right to choose for women in the train… If you are a woman, it is not possible to buy tickets from any department on the train. Men, on the other hand, can buy tickets from anywhere, from the corridor to the window, from an internet seat to a single seat. In online ticket sales, the "lady place is given from a single seat or next to the lady in the row" screen opens to the female passenger and whatever comes to her luck, that ticket is sold.
Demirağlar modernized
In Turkey, said a full mobilization for the improvement and development of recent years 10 railways.
In this context, investment appropriations for railways, which have been among the priority issues in the investment by the government since 2003, have been increased by 7.5. As of 2012, approximately 20 billion TL has been transferred to the railway. High Speed ​​Train (YHT) is one of the most important investments. On the other hand, the existing railway network of 11 is a thousand km 2023 thousand kilometers up to 10 high-speed train to the 25 thousand 940 km is aimed to be increased. For this reason, there are studies on many routes. The total amount of investment planned to be made until 2023 is 45 billion dollars.
The male-female discrimination in ticket sales in railways contrasts with modernization. Discrimination is revealed when you enter TCDD's online ticket sales site. So much so that after the route and date are selected on the website, your gender is asked. The next step is the choice of place. Options include 'ordinary', 'window', 'corridor', 'single seat', 'internet request' and 'wheelchair'. When you click on the 'male' section in gender, these options are open to use, and the words "The place for women is given from a single seat or next to the woman in the row" appears on the screen. Your only chance is to click the 'ok' button below the post. Then you continue the process to get the seat that comes to your luck.
There are buses, but
The concept of 'lady side' is a situation we have witnessed on bus journeys for many years. But the bus company's system doesn't give a privilege to men on sale. According to the system, the women see the seats and the men can make purchases according to it. The genders of the tickets are seen in the system.
We're aware of distress, we're working on new software
Abdulkadir Gul, the head of the State Railways Passenger Department, stated that they were aware of the problem and that they were working on a new software. Rose, a polemic was experienced about a year ago, he said. Polemik was: A group wanted to buy tickets in Ankara -Eskişehir line. The group of men on the ticket sale said “There is a place but if you are a woman Bilet. This situation was discussed for a long time. At that time, despite discriminating against the risk of being sold a positive quota allocated to women despite the risk of being sold Gul, said they removed the quota due to the polemics. Gül said that they are working to produce solutions to these and similar problems. Çalış We are building a new infrastructure. In other words, all seats in the system will be seen and selected.

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