Child Struck by Train in Van Was Injured | Train accident

A child was injured in the train accident that occurred at the level crossing in the town of Bostaniçi in Van.
TCDD's freight train going to Kapıköy Border Gate in Saray District hit 13.00-year-old Ruken Kuruç, who was playing on the rails, while the EU-run TCDD freight train numbered DE 53032 passed through the town of Bostaniçi.
The injured child was taken to the No. 10 Family Health Center in Yalım Erez District by the citizens in the region.
RK, who was taken to Van Regional Training and Research Hospital by ambulance after the first intervention, was treated.
A large number of police officers were referred to the scene after the accident, while the child's relatives suffered a nervous breakdown. Citizens stating that there are frequent train accidents in the neighborhood asked the authorities to find a solution.


Günceleme: 25/11/2018 15:27

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