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utikad objected to VAT withholding application
utikad objected to VAT withholding application

Within the framework of the training mission undertaken by UTIKAD, training activities are carried out in a comprehensive way to support the development of the sector and strengthening the source of trained manpower. With its sectoral trainings under its umbrella, 26 contributes to the growth and development of the sector by sharing its experience with industry companies and employees. UTİKAD aims to make a serious investment in the future of the sector by contributing to the professional development of hundreds of sector employees with the training attack launched this year.

In line with the changing needs of sector companies that are rapidly developing, growing and completing international integration, UTİKAD has enriched its education and expanded its education staff through the restructured Education Department, and conducts the activities of UTIKAD ACADEMY to be implemented in the coming years. With the FIATA license, UTIKAD ACADEMY plans to provide graduates with an internationally recognized diploma.

Logistics Management, International Transport Management, Global Logistics, Foreign Trade and Logistics Glossary, Logistics Management, Organization and Fleet Management, International Railway Goods Transportation and Warehouse Management books prepared by academic advisors of UTİKAD with the contributions of the sector as reference publications by the world of education It is accepted.
With the spread of globalization and the need for the liability insurance of the transportation and logistics sector in international trade, UTİKAD offers its members the service of its members in terms of land, air, rail, sea and combined transportation, door-to-door, error and It offers the opportunity to be covered by insurance, including negligence.

As one of the most important non-governmental organizations of the Turkish transportation and logistics sector, UTİKAD represents the sector with its capacity, potential and capabilities ğu on every platform where logistics is spoken aca both in Turkey and abroad. In this context, UTIKAD will conduct the most extensive and most comprehensive international exhibition of the sector in cooperation with CNR Holding. 2-5 It is aimed to bring together Turkish and world logistics giants in this fair to be held on May 2013. This exhibition, which is defined as the future of global logistics base in Turkey and the Turkish logistics aims to reveal the potential for real power.

UTIKAD, the only non-governmental organization that represents the sector in Büyük Anadolu Logistics Organizations A.Ş, of which it is a founding partner (BALO), has joined the project, which will be an effective logistics option in the development of our country's foreign trade, especially towards Europe, with its 26 years of experience, knowledge and experience. It aims to contribute to the elimination of the imbalance between transport modes, which is one of the most important problems.

UTIKAD, which cooperated with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) this year, signed an important agreement for its members. With the agreement signed between Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and UTIKAD, which has a database of more than 170 million companies all over the world with over 200 years of experience in commercial information, the services provided by D&B to the leading players of the industry globally for many years are also advantageously offered to UTIKAD members.



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