UTIKAD International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Producers, History

UTIKAD International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association was founded in 1986 under the name of International Transport Contractors and Agencies Association (UNMAD) with the participation of 30 company.
All companies engaged in transport operations organizer in Turkey UNMAD began work to gather under the same roof, between nations in 1995 Air Cargo Agents Association (UKAD) merged with 162 member's unanimous "international transport affairs of the Association of Brokers and Agents (UTIKAD)" got its name .
However, unanimously, the association name of UTIKAD member companies, which took into account the transformations taking place in the international market in recent years, was changed to AD International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Producers oy in 1999.
After growing UTIKAD organizations, today resident in Turkey and international area of ​​land, air, sea, rail and combined transport and logistics services from producing more than 300 company is a nongovernmental organization that collects in the body. UTIKAD, after the merger has taken over the fıata ukad UNMAD and Turkey's representative adjectives.
UTİKAD 1 In December 2003, CLECAT-Europe Freight Forwarder, the largest and oldest organization in Europe in its field, became a member of Union of Transport, Logistics and Customs Agencies.

Source : www.utikad.org.t is

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