From TÜVASAŞ to Israel Bayraklı Protest

From TÜVASAŞ to Israel Bayraklı Protest
Turk-Is Confederation of Trade Unions depends on TÜVASAŞ (Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation) employees working for Israel in response to Israeli Flag to show the demonstration organized in front of the factory was burned.
Supporting the government's attitude towards Israel, Turkish Labor Provincial Representative Cemal Yaman noted that thousands of Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks so far, “In the last few days, Israel has been raining bombs by the Israeli city of Palestine and its land operations and operations continue today. He meant his life. ”
Call to the United Nations
President Cemal Yaman criticized the creation of a tragedy by Israel before the traces of the Mavi Marmara attack were erased. I would like to state that we support the Israeli policy, which is followed by addressing our government as the unions affiliated to Türk-İş. However, this is not enough, especially invite a mission to the United Nations, Turkey and other Muslim countries at least until the massacre was not stopped, "he said.

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