Is TÜVASAŞ a repair shop or a competition with the world?

"Erol İnal", who was newly appointed as TÜVASAŞ General Manager, made some interesting statements about the current situation and future of the factory at a press conference last week.
Inal said, “It is my greatest wish to save TÜVASAŞ from the workshop view and turn it into a brand. No one should doubt that I will do my best to take TÜVASAŞ farther. ”
It's kind of strange to me that this workshop analogy was a little strange.
What do you say?
AK Party Member of Parliament, Ayhan Sefer Üstün, said, “TÜVASAŞ has become competitive with the world in our period” regarding TÜVASAŞ.
“According to İnal, TÜVASAŞ repair shop”!
“According to the Deputy Üstün, TÜVASAŞ is a factory that has become competitive with the world”.
Frankly, I could not understand from these statements whether TÜVASAŞ is a repair shop or an organization competing with the world.
I think this matter will be clear from the "Deputy Superior".
General Manager Erol İnal also said at a press conference that “TÜVASAŞ should grow on the spot”.
Apparently, Erol İnal does not take the "idea of ​​moving" of TÜVASAŞ very warmly.
However, AK Party Member of Parliament Ayhan Sefer Üstün stated that TÜVASAŞ needed a change of location in order to make more production, therefore, the factory will be moved to Ferizli in the upcoming period, and the necessary work has been initiated.
It seems that TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal and AK Party Member of Parliament Ayhan Sefer Üstün also have a “different opinion” about not moving the factory.
Let's see how the Deputy Üstün will make a statement in the face of these statements of General Manager Erol İnal, who made TÜVASAŞ an analogy to the workshop, at the same time, who did not look at the move of the factory.

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