My brother who went to TÜVASAŞ, is it my pasha who came?

TÜVASAŞ Republic of Turkey, where three gold Sakarya gain (Sugar, TZDK and TÜVASAŞ) was one of the organization ...
In our recent history, while referring to the history of TÜVASAŞ, it was named as ğı Wagon Repair Factory lar. maintained its importance önem
In recent years; TÜVASAŞ has been looking for new needs to meet the needs of the age AS
First, the destruction of the 1999 Earthquake, (ANAP; DSP, MHP Government Period) Sakaryalı Mehmet Göktürk's General Directorate in a short time by removing the foot was made, making production.
Then, under the direction of General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, new horizons were opened. In addition to the work of TCDD, it served the demands of the Middle East and Balkan countries.
Beyond the distinction of being the bread gate for Sakaryalı in the history of TÜVASAŞ, it served as a base in social, economic, political, trade union, culture and sports mobility.
Halil Özkan, MetinYerebakan, Mehmet Göktürk, Ibrahim Ertiryaki period spent as general managers,
Turgut Araboğlu from Sapanca, Enver Toçoğlu from Serdivan and Ergün Atalay from Serdivanlı have been the leaders of Union (Demiryol-İş).
He hosted many celebrities in Sports World and trained athletes. Olympic Champion Mithat Bayrak sponsored Halil Mutlu, who won the Olympic and World Championships in the Weightlifting ...
Today, the Demirspor Football Team is also kept alive by the Demiryol-İş Trade Union of TÜVASAŞ and sports people are trained.
500, which is an important criterion in the past years, has been taking part in important company and giving hope bir
An Important Step for the Future of TÜVASAŞ
The most important step towards the future of TÜVASAŞ, the AK Party Government was thrown in time. With the international partnership with EUROTEM, it was the first to adopt high-speed train and the requirements of the era EURO
The high-speed train systems will be produced here and the use of domestic goods in the process will be reduced up to 65.
Even if the studies continue, the reason of commercial confidentiality and sharing them with the public can be shared after the completion of the works Bu
There is no need to explain TÜVASAŞ's importance for the Sakarya Economy or It provides employment opportunities to subcontractors as well as civil servants and workers close to the 1500 it employs, and again there is a bread door for hundreds of people TÜ
In the meantime, the rest of the year, "Will the factory be moved to Ferizli?"
The near-distant future of TÜVASAŞ will be on the agenda v However, whoever decides on this matter has to weigh the results well.
Otherwise, the payment of the price will be unavoidable Aksi
However, ed TÜVASAŞ can be resettled in the near future in order to move out of the city in the near future and to reach the production capacity that will meet the needs of the day Ancak
Especially, the fact that our railways provide transportation and transportation services by high-speed train (YHT) means a significant resource saving and income source for the country's economy.
The short-term objective of TCDD is that high-speed train services will reach the inin Privatization tren process.
Turkey's decades neglected subject, it is bound to stay petroleum and derivatives of transportation services. Electricity generation power plants (especially GAP), which will be constructed and will be built, will be instrumental in reducing the dependence on foreign sources.
However, i Time is flowing like water devre It is imperative that our own potentials are put in place rather than taking advantage of the past's bullying and the productions of others.
Yesterday wagon repair workshops and the production TÜVASAŞ, the future of Turkey, the Middle East and the Balkans, have become even need to answer in the Europe-Africa?
Looking at the steps taken in the past, there are still movements m Today, TÜVASAŞ R & D studies are continuing at full speed Geçmişte
I cannot make an İbrah assessment aki about the point reached because former General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, who was the head of his new position, could not tell us how adı how did he buy a TÜVASAŞ ”and V how a TÜVASAŞ handover en?
Like other general managers, I was in an effort to fulfill the task in the best way.
08.11.2012 On Thursday, we became the guest of EROL İNAL, the new general manager at TÜVASAŞ facilities, hosted by former managers İN
Sakarya has a general atmosphere; There is a very fast information traffic on the person who is coming or coming to the office and the comments are made on this gelen
Sec. INAL was also asked this; ”Did you really come to 6 for a month, or would you UM?“
A person who has been in government service for the 40 years wanted to bring comments to the time he was appointed as the General Manager (Zirve) X commented on what was said as one of the Ministry of Transport, TCDD;
… Previously, he served as a deputy general manager. Sistem 63-year-old (born in 1949), who was appointed with a tripartite decree in TÜVASAŞ, stated that he knew the state of operation system well, he learned well.
Regarding its influence in its new post, he said, ortaya After arrival, 35 million from the budget (old currency is 6 zero; 35 trillion ın) is separated ( The arrival of INAL has also provided significant advantages for Sakarya economy İN
And after that?
Sec. Erol İNAL, 1 months, TÜVASAŞ all the problems, dilemmas, potential, performance, what has been discussed and how to do İN
I asked for some time for questions about what to do and how to do it N
Tips also gave; Diversity of production m In this, every institution, organization, administration, wants to cooperate with people very much Üretim
As a witness, who knows how such initiatives ended in the past, I gave examples not to be demoralizing towards… it would not be easy… but to let Sakarya know the realities of Sakarya, (The Last Disappointment; could not give the expected answer tı)
SohbetAs for the parts of ...
INAL, a former football player er has served in the middle of the defense yol G. Union dressed, Ankara Demirspor finally yap is the fate of each railway or the sportsman of D. Spor AL
40 has annual accumulation birlikte We want to crown this in TÜVASAŞ with the institution X
Personally, I do not accept to be loved by everyone anıl Sevenim also will, I do not like buradan The important thing is that after leaving here, to be remembered with good works and leave a mark,
** * * * *
İNAL; … General managers who have served in the past, I have met my friends üşt Only, Mr. With Ertiryaki, our acquaintance was limited O'However, we showed due care and respect against Him. Er
* * * * * *
Erol İNAL said that we will come to an island again recently; ”At that time, I'll be in your position as a manager who has prepared himself, worked well and answered all of my questions.“
* * * * * *
In subcontracting; … Today, there are those who oppose subcontracting imiz But, we tell them, ”Come on, let's give this to you!
* * * * * *
For TÜVASAŞ, 40 also said that it is willing to work with everyone for years to cooperate in order to be successful.
We are all c the worker, the officer, his wife, his son, his mother, his father, surrogate, trade unionist, simitci, restaurant restaurant, baker, confectioner Hep
For that reason ım I have the task of being next to a nail-puncher, giving positive service…
Anyone within the body of TÜVASAŞ obeys every order of production and also competes with time TÜ
However, o TZDK, Sugar's state-owned strap behind the political trends of that time, management forms, there are management impasses Ancak
Of course, the greatest voters in the unqualified voters of the politicians and those who have the ability to choose them Elbette
It is often said; Iştir England is the cradle of democracy muh Because, one day, the form of government has not been interrupted, the coup, the memorandum, the E has not seen the declaration. or Turkey huh? Where 10 is a traditional revolution, coup, memorandum and democracy are often regulated every year.
For TÜVASAŞ, every general manager and staff starts their work with a new spirit and they are determined to continue TÜ
But er The center of gravity of the work is about governments and their railroads…
And; investment and technical searches yatırım
With the introduction of YHT, a new era will be launched with the announcement of targets for our railways. After that; give me your hand; Ankara-Izmir, Ankara- Sivas, Ankara- South East, Ankara-Hejaz, Yemen, Cairo, Baghdad, Tehran Ankara
The place of TÜVASAŞ in these initiatives will gradually increase and strengthen TÜ
To this end, TÜVASAŞ should go to renew itself in every subject Bu
TÜVASAŞ is so special to Sakarya that it will not be sacrificed to the concept of arya whether it be ours or small AS V
I'll be in the presence of the traveler, next to the charmer ...
For this reason, he finds the Sakarya amongst him ...

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