Turkish company TLT to set up 150 million euro logistics center in Siberia

customs services from the export of goods to Russia, Turkey, engaged in logistics and transportation companies, on behalf of the Russian customs service offering borek TLT GROUP; It is preparing to establish a logistics center in the Siberian region of Russia. Akın Tokay, Chairman of the Board of TLT GROUP, told Cihan News Agency (Cihan) that Russia's especially Siberia and the Far East region are still very virgin, and they will make a significant contribution to the export and import of agricultural and food products with the new logistics center they will establish in the region. told.
Reminding that Russia determined its future economic growth strategy as the East and the Far East, Tokay stated that they also started investments in this framework. Akın Tokay said, “The region is Russia's gateway to the east. There will be cold and normal storages in the center we will establish here. Stavrapol and Krasnodar Russia's agricultural warehouse. A regular structure is required for the export of these products. We will install very large silo systems. There will be an investment of 150 million Euros in total. We will also make a significant contribution to the agricultural potential and export capacity of the region. " said.
Mentioning that after Russia becomes a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the expectations for a significant increase in exports to this country are not true, Tokay said, “The decrease in customs taxes is at the level of 1-2 percent of the total cost. This is not the potential to provide significant momentum. According to Russia's official figures, the increase in import figures for the first three quarters of 2012 is lower than last year. This shows that there is something contrary to what was expected. However, WTO membership will make trade more transparent and organized. We observe that big brands and European companies show a more intense interest in Russia in order to take part in a predictable structure. found that.
Simplified Customs Line established between Russia and Turkey (BGH) Referring to Turkish entrepreneurs related study, said this line somehow failed to reach the expected potential. Tokay said that a structure open to competition in which many companies can take part has not been established, especially for both parties. Pointing out that the costs are much higher than other ways, Tokay said, “It is not possible to prevent leakage with BGH. If it stays on the road for a long time, it can be efficient for fresh fruits and vegetables that are at risk of spoiling. All the controls of the product should be completed in Turkey. Thus, the risk of a second audit and refoulement is eliminated. " made a suggestion.
Reminding that the Customs Terminal and Logistics Warehouse, which is under construction on the Belarusian border, will become active in the summer of 2013, Tokay said, “The warehouse will have a 300-vehicle track. We work like a notary of the Russian state. Since we are brokers, the Russian state trusts us and may not do some customs checks, such as opening and inspecting the vehicle. This saves us speed and time in transactions. In addition, we vouch for the burden of our customers against the Russian state. This also provides a guarantee for our customer. In our centers in Moscow and other regions, we can sometimes complete customs procedures in a period of 3-4 hours. " He spoke in the form.
Stating that they are also active in the field of construction in Russia and have completed a work of 480 million dollars so far, Tokay said, “We attended the 14th International Energy Conference held in the Czech Republic with our partner İlhan Kuman. We were invited as a businessman residing in Russia. We talked about our Russian experience and activities. We are also closely interested in energy investments to be made in Russia and other regions. " He spoke in the form.

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