TÜDEMSAŞ Grows in Sivas Grows

Bekir Benli, the representative of the European Victims Association, said that Sivas is a permanent immigration situation and that everyone has a share in it, while increasing the capacity of TÜDEMSAŞ may be a start for Sivas's progress.
Worked abroad for many years, but never disconnected with Sivas, the expatriate citizen Benli Sivas why the economic continuity of going back to the good questioned said.
After that however they choose public opinion only in the election period of political argued that severing ties Benli "I wonder while back that Sivas, this is when left to their fate 'the foundation of our republic, we here at' those who say, 'Turkey's map we draw here,' Those who say, some of our politicians, Where is our 'most priceless city'? '
Benli emphasized that TÜDEMSAŞ could be improved by taking a more suitable place and providing technological facilities and added:
. We can bring our factory to work capacity of 50000 people. As for the working system; Turkey is undergoing a fast train model. I demand that this rapid trend of eminent metro of the production of our city to be produced here Sivas'ımızda passenger trains and trams manufactured goods to Europe, even Turkey coming to the capacity to provide goods to the public.
When it comes to financing, Sivas is roasting with its own oil. We have some places. These will be customized. At the same time, new business places will come to our factory locations. Apart from that, these money will be allocated to this factory as the investment we get from the specialization places. 40-50000 can accommodate 3 at this factory. This 50 thousand people in Sivas, 200-250 thousand people will be enough to feed a capacity to come. X
Benli, one of the victims of the Holding, stated that 800 was hurting for this matter and that these holdings were raising money by exploiting them especially in spiritual matters. X Unfortunately, they worked on behalf of our country. They worked on behalf of the citizen. So what was the crime of these people? 20-30 year by saying "my country" as my hometown by saying that these people as a true level people have delivered these coins. Many of those who gave this money had no bones in the grave and many of them had their nests. Those who gathered this money continue the reign of sultanate. Bu

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