Trolleybus will not fit the streets

Trolleybus will not fit the streets
Saadet Party (SP) Malatya Provincial Minister Mehmet Asiltürk, SP province building hall made by the party's November meeting of the municipality by the municipality decided that the Trolleybus system will not fit the avenues and the streets to remove again, he said.
Asiltürk also voiced Malatya as a metropolitan city. A city, but with quality management, people are great, yönetil he said, also expressed the disadvantages of being a metropolitan. As the metropolitan municipality will increase the amount of all tax 100 Asiltürk said, c Neymiş province's future from Ankara will increase. You're going to take one cell from the other cell. Alıp
How will you serve the extreme village of Pütürge, which is 105 miles away when you are metropolitan? D Asiltürk complained that Malatya's northern ring road could not be solved for years;
Mehmet Asiltürk said that the municipality of Malatya has been serving with the mural system. Esenlik is always on the sidewalk and road works. This gives to his followers. Bu
“They will do their own things ler
Xintn starred with the service of Malatya service, but the pavement and road infrastructure regulation and the minimum wage less than twice the amount of trees to work to get a tree indicating Asilturk, Troleybüs with their own take off, because the Troleybüsün suggested that the streets would not fit.
. There are those who criticize us because you are more critical of the main opposition. Our purpose is not criticism, these brothers and sisters in order to save from the fire of brotherhood, we are doing our job, "said Asilturk, said that there was no exchange of service.
After Asilturk's speech, November meeting of the province of the province closed to the press continued.

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