The congestion on the trains is due to the rail renewal works in the Ödemiş-Torbalı section.

Renovation Works on Izmir-Odemis Railway
Ali Hadim, the chairman of the AK Party, Ödemiş, said that the congestion occurred in the trains traveling between Ödemiş and İzmir was due to rail renewal works in the Ödemiş-Torbalı section.
Hadim expressed that they frequently receive complaints from the citizens about the problem and made a statement. Mayor Hadim said in his statement: “In 2004, when we took office, the train services between Ödemiş and İzmir would be completely removed. As everyone will remember at that time, there were a total of 2 trips between Ödemiş-İzmir, 2 departures and 4 turns. As a result of our initiatives, the rails changed as a result of the renewal of the line between Ödemiş and İzmir. The trip, which was previously 3-3.5 hours, has now decreased to 2 hours. After these studies, the number of trips increased to 7, including 7 departures and 14 arrivals. 204 passengers are carried on each train, calculated by the number of passengers seated. This shows that 2 thousand 800 passengers are carried between Ödemiş-İzmir and İzmir-Ödemiş daily. Upon the arrival of many complaints from the citizens, our Minister of Transport, Journalism and Maritime, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, has repeatedly held talks with the Bey on the issue of increasing the number of voyages and wagons. Our minister requested that the work be done by giving instructions to the General Directorate. Our Regional Directorate also put out a tender to change the 70-kilometer road between Ödemiş and Torbalı after the field work they did with their technical teams. On the 70-kilometer road between Ödemiş and Torbalı section, the rails will be seamless and the whole rail will be mounted. Traverses will change, work has begun. The tenderer company continues its work from evening to morning, while regular train services will continue during the day. After the completion of the works in about 2-2.5 months and the final tests, the company will deliver the place on January 31, 2013 and the trips will return to normal. ”
New generation trains will be activated on this line and the number of trips will be increased. In addition to the renovation works of these rails, the works will be started on the Cherry line, "said Hadim." Within the framework of these studies, additional flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be canceled. There will be no change in other train services. On the other hand, the first train departing from Ödemiş and the passengers of the last trips from Izmir at regular time will be transferred from Çatal starting next Monday. For the first train service departing from Ödemiş, State Railways, from Ödemiş to Çatal, will take passengers with the passenger buses to be allocated. The last train passengers departing from İzmir will also be transported from Çatal Station to Ödemiş by bus.

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