No Ban on Smoking in Tram, Metrobus and Bus Stations

The law has been in effect for three years, but is banned at metrobus and bus stops despite the ban. Citizens, Prime Minister Erdogan for the implementation of the law wants to help.
The prohibition on smoking 19 came into force on July 2009; but the provision of this law in metrobus and bus stops. Although Allah blessed the law, the distance and the number of breaths have increased considerably. Because the connoisseurs know, leave the bus intercity passengers, even smoking buses, municipal buses, smoking in the bus would have been smoked. The finished cigarette was also extinguished by the tip of the pointed toe shoe in the bus. Although the municipal bus smoking period, "We would swim from here to the sea!"
It is strange that there is no prohibition on bus, metrobus and tram stops and subway open stops in the subway. Though many of those who read this article may now be surprised, Ger Are there no smoking at all? Ger; but this question does not seek the question of an angry brother with a mustache that was recently raised against me. I was able to respond to the question of karşılık Smoking is prohibited on buses, is it prohibited? Nasıl, however, I was able to respond with a eler No, I've been where you were! ”Counterattack. It turned out that 15 had eaten years!
Fortunately, zurna zurna, threw the storm in our subject matter ... Metrobus, bus, tram and metro stops, is one of the environment in the scope of the ban on smoking. No smoking around here; because you're in the same environment with people who don't smoke, and soon you'll be in the future vehicle for the ones who don't like the smell of cigarettes. Although it is difficult to convince our people of this. Since the sign akl No Smoking is Forbidden yazıl is written for the people of the world at the Metrobüs stops, a cigarette comes to mind as soon as you see the writing. You're already smoking the cigarette while waiting for something! Minibuses, taxis, buses, subways or metrobus are waiting for a cigarette. This is called 'Come Come cigarette'. Because when two storms are drawn from the cigarette, the vehicle immediately appears at the end of the road. The vehicle pulls the cigarette from the cigarette with deep and fast breaths until it reaches the feet. One last time he takes a deep breath while he is at the door of the vehicle, he throws the cigarette butt in random places, and then he empties his lungs into the bus. So what happened now? As if you were not bothering so many people in the stall, you created a very smoky airspace with the odor and the last breath you took on the vehicle you took. But who understands and understands? 0
Who stole the forbidden sign!
Although it is a sort of socialization environment, it does not miss this opportunity! If you say something, you're out, you socialize a lot! Misal, smoking a cigarette at the station "Brother, do you not see the sign board?" Pattern, look at your face and "Pardon" starting from the "I do what ulan!" "Impending and" Uncomfortable stop out of the stop! "Threatened with a socializing experience! In order to prevent the situation from swearing, you must break the steering wheel to the right. There's no point in complaining to the security guard. Because the attendant iç What to do, forbidden but they drink! If you're feeling uncomfortable, call the police or the police.
Avcılar Metrobus Stop is one of the best places where the dense smoke area in the Metrobus stops is breathed. Thanks to the stop here, it is quite wide and long, a considerable group of people turns the stop into a fire place at any time of the day! When you put aside the pile of cigarette butts in the area where the "No Smoking" sign in the size of the cigarette pack (which is what the cigarette butt box is doing where the cigarette is forbidden) goes into the stop, you will be in a basement coffeehouse in the suburbs and the smell will be over you. In the middle of people who cannot think of whether they have a baby, can not tolerate smoking, ill or not, or don't care about it, you will not be able to ask for the arrival of the metrobus as soon as possible. Not if you hit it again. Because those who have a lot of mouth will not hear the ear at once ...
The biggest complaint of those with diseases such as non-smokers and asthma is that there is no supervision and deterrence in Istanbul where there is not a single non-smoking stop along the metrobus, tram and bus lines. Well, let's put it on your nose and you decided to complain. You conveyed the matter to the White Table, the complaint unit of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. As it was conveyed to many people who stated their discomfort, the following reply will be sent to your e-mail: “Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Operations General Directorate (IETT) was contacted regarding your application to our Directorate. The information provided is as follows: “Smoking is forbidden at the stops on our metrobus, bus and tram lines, and necessary warning letters are available at all our stations. However, it was determined that the warning letters at some of our stops were removed by unidentified people. According to the law numbered 4207, smoking is prohibited in public places open to the public. In this context, smoking is prohibited at IETT stations. The duty to monitor the related ban belongs to the Tobacco Liaison Centers established within the Provincial Health Directorates. You can send your notifications and complaints here. Smokeless Airspace Tobacco Liaison Center: 0212 453 39 20. IETT Public Relations: 444 18 71, ​​”…
Let's say that you made your complaint to IETT this time. The same answer almost repeats the medicine: istasyon Dear yasak, there is no smoking in the stations and all our stations have the necessary warnings. However, it has been determined that the warnings in some of our stops have been removed by unidentified persons. In addition, our personnel also carry out the necessary inspections. Thank you for your sensitivity. Göster
Finally, you decided to call the Tobacco Contact Center. Although you have repeatedly called, you cannot forward your complaint. Because there's no opening.
To all this, "Do I dough on the boat, do I care too?" The syndrome is probably called… As a hope, the only thing left is that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is very sensitive about smoking, read this news and warns the authorities.
In the meantime, we got our minds. How do unidentified people stop 'non-smoking' signs at the stops without security guards, and why are they not replaced by new ones?

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