Tram NEO Shopping Mall

Within the scope of Tram Line Extension Project, it was learned that the line which will be connected to Çamlıca from Uluönder neighborhood route will pass by Neo Shopping Center.
It was destroyed months ago by the collision of an iron loaded TIR into the Neo pedestrian overpass, and then collapsed on the grounds that it posed a danger. He expressed his reactions due to the situation in the surrounding citizens and invited the officials to do the pedestrian crossing. When the destroyed bridge was replaced, it was curious. After the intervening time, the tram line going through the Uluönder Quarter route is expected to proceed from the Erzurum Congress Street and progress towards the Sivas Congress and Governor Ali Fuat Cebesoy streets respectively.
At the end of Ali Fuat Cebesoy Street Governor, there will be overpass 5 million liras for citizens and tram to cross the ring road. The construction of this overpass is claimed by the Neo Shopping Center. It will extend from the old Neo overpass to the parking lot of the new bridge shopping center, which will begin to build around the 50 meter. Ankara Highway 4. Moved to the Regional Directorate is waiting for approval. It is stated that the bridge will be opened to service after completion of survey studies.

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