Gürdoğan Hard Output to Trabzon Logistics Center Debates

Gürdoğan Hard Output to Trabzon Logistics Center Debates
Trabzon Logistics Center, which has been on the agenda of Trabzon for two months, is not able to reach a decision on where to build the Trabzon Logistics Center, causing the debate to prolong. The unclear attitude of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry about the location makes the event even more debated. This prolonged debate also means that other dynamics related to the construction of the center are less interested. When the discussion goes on in Trabzon, this time, the Logistics center draws attention from the surrounding provinces, and a public opinion is formed for the political forces to be involved in the shift of the center to the provinces. There is no consensus on the place of consensus regarding the establishment of Trabzon Logistics Center. Some dynamics want the area built as a shipyard in Sürmene to be the center. Some dynamics want the center to be built in Arsin OIZ. Some circles advocate the establishment of the center in the Esiroğlu region and its connection to the port by rail system. Some dynamics, which will be implemented with the build-operate-transfer model, perceive the center as a warehouse and claim that it will not provide the expected input to Trabzon. An example of this is the Free Zone established in the port many years ago.
Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, the chairman of the union of exporters, who is sensitive to Trabzon Logistics Center and wants the project to be realized as soon as possible, talked about the meaninglessness of the loss of time and said, ata Sürmene is ready for this place and its investor is ready. He liked the investor, but not ours. You can't show me another place. They only argue. Trabzon He brought the forgotten Batumi-Hopa-Trabzon railway to the railway. Gürdoğan eme We brought this railway connection to the agenda. Batum-Hopa -Trabzon Railway is our priority. The connection to Erzincan entered. Now we are waiting for both, am said the center of the Center of Logistics in Trabzon.

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