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AK Party Izmir deputy Rifat Sait and Izmir, businessmen, journalists with the Bosphorus Tour hosted the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu responded to the subway descriptions.
Topbas said they did the subway in Istanbul with their own resources and they did not get support from the government.
Topbas, ın I really believe that you have experienced the difference between Kartal subway water and tram in Izmir. There is no government support, and as the mayor of the city, we received a loan of 1.5 billion euros with the signature of the president, my raise and the authority given by our parliament without receiving any treasury guarantee. We have received a long-term loan. We did it. The people of İzmir come and enjoy our metroma. They'il see the difference. We are ready to share information Bilgi.
CHP's continuous policy of scratching Topbaş said tü It is not politics by slandering someone. If you want to be in power in Istanbul and in Turkey, the CHP should endear himself before the public, "he said.
Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, responded to the claim that CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu was costing the Izmir subway at a lower price than Ankara and Istanbul subways. CHP leader of the Metropolitan Municipality, as claimed by CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu'nun 50 million pounds 50 million dollars, indicating that the cost of Topbaş, Istanbul subway point in terms of both technical and qualifications from the top of Izmir metro, he said. Topbas, ı Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's official site kilometers from 50 million dollars you can see the article. 50 million dollars do you know how much money. As Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu mentioned, 50 does not make a million pounds. 50 million million 50 million? The account is clear. For one thing, they may have confused the difference between dollar and lira. According to the accounts of the Izmir metro 90 million pounds, the 116 million pounds in ours. Moreover, our system is very different. Kal
Topbaş also called for not to mix the metro issue into politics; “There is no politics with these, these are better, these are worse. The pots are black and mine is black from you. These are not understanding. The work done is obvious. Let the people of Izmir come Kadıköy Let them have a pleasure in the eagle subway. It is not possible to make a political material, to draw a conclusion from here. There is no politics by defaming someone. He should popularize himself before the CHP wants to be in power in Istanbul and in Turkey. Those who share the same emotion, but not those who speak the same language, agree that Hz. Mevlana needs to unite in emotions. ”
The only Topbas is a model city for the world not to Turkey Istanbul, institutional bigotry outside regardless of political perceptions, each country will contribute to the development of the city underlined that they are ready for any kind of information and sharing.
Stating that there are people who want to see their work and methods from many countries, Topbaş said, belirten Technical personnel from different parts of the world come and be our guests, they are examining the unit they want. And we can also come with the Association of Municipalities of Turkey as in other cities, though in the channels, or it can come and watch us here in Izmir. We are ready to pass on this information without concealing anything without showing any corporate taassup. Because our country will develop, but we did, I do not tell anyone else to learn is not a state secret. We are ready to share with all municipalities. Technical staff can come, see. We all have to learn from each other. This allows positive dialogue development. Bu
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu'nun call for the service of the municipality of the private companies to enter the call to prevent private companies Topbas, "Mr. Kilicdaroglu, questioned the balance sheets of our companies. Or The procurement law tightens us in the tenders we have made. Personally, I'll say this, if I'm comfortable with his personal life, I should have the right to choose the power. Why? To give good service, to choose this job, to catch the quality in this business, we have the right to choose the right to give this confidence. There is a prejudiced understanding. The law prohibits honest people. It doesn't mean anything to those who don't know the law, it doesn't mean anything to those who find something. If this is a convenience, we will be more comfortable if we have the possibility of direct employment. The company is already a member of the municipality. Mr. Kocaoğlu's demand is correct. I personally would like to be given the right to give our companies the right to work, Ben he said.

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