The only way for the development of Çorum industry

The only way for the development of Çorum industry
Cahit Bağcı, AK Party Deputy of Çorum and Member of the Plan and Budget Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, who spoke on the Budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications at the meetings of the Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission, expressed Çorum's demand for railways.
Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim's Ministry of Transportation 10. Mr. Bağcı, who commemorated his years of work, said, iş I would like to thank you for your contribution in the 10 year of your efforts, which has been proud to present our nationwide and exciting jobs and deliver them to the service of our nation. I wish you many years of convenience and successful years. Kolay
According to the statement made, Bağcı expressed the following in his speech; “The first thing I want to mention is Call Centers. The Information and Technologies and Communication Authority supervises only operators in the information technology sector. In particular, it is audited in terms of waiting times, pricing and competition conditions. However, promotion and marketing is carried out by calling citizens from suspicious numbers that belong to companies offering call services. A regulation should be made especially for "unwanted calls" such as "unwanted sms". Companies providing this service should provide service on known lines such as 444. In addition, the control authority of the Information Technologies and Communication Authority should be expanded and call centers should be audited.
Secondly, I would like to bring to your attention some issues in the report titled 'Local Dynamics in Regional Development: Çorum Model and 2012 Scenarios' prepared by TÜRKONFED dated August 2023 on the province of Çorum in relation to our railway demand. This report has been prepared with the method of SWOT Analysis and some of the strengths of the province of Çorum in the report are expressed as follows: The presence of manufacturing and exporting companies, the presence of branded products, the presence of a significant accumulation in machinery manufacturing. Among the opportunities, the most important feature emerged as "Ease of Access to the Russian Market via Samsun", and "No Railway Connection" was mentioned as the weakness.
'The only obstacle to the development of the industry of Çorum railway'
Corum province's export growth rate of the manufacturing sector in particular, because it is above the average export growth rate of Turkey's "new industry focus" is defined. This definition is used to describe regions that develop based on internal factors such as equity, local entrepreneurship characteristics, flexible production characteristics and relationships, solidarity, trust and organizational capacity. Çorum is a city that has reached a "unique industrial capacity" by organizing its savings and entrepreneurial power. The only obstacle in front of the development and leaping of the industry of Çorum is the railway. For the development of Çorum industry, the most urgent infrastructure support will be provided by railway. Because the figures support this. Turkey Traffic Corum-based traffic density according to the Volume Map data is as follows: Corum-Ankara total of 2011 units in 4.061.355. itinerary, Corum and Samsun line at 2.030.860 million units, while in Çorum-Amasya line has been a movement of 985.135 11.500 vehicles. Half of this is for freight and passenger transport. Daily average is 5.650 vehicles on Ankara line and 2011 vehicles on Samsun line. In addition, according to the data of Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry 15, nearly XNUMX million tons of freight shipment from our city is transported to domestic markets and ports for export purposes.
When the population is taken as the second criterion after the vehicle traffic, the situation is as follows: The total population of Çorum-Amasya-Samsun-Ordu provinces is 2.8 million. When we consider the province of Samsun just like Eskişehir, it will be a railroad that will carry a load and passenger transportation to serve the million population of the Giresun-Trabzon-Rize provinces in the new Black Sea coastal corridor. Il
At the end of his speech, Bağcı presented the file containing the load amounts, population statistics and TÜRKONFED report of Çorum to the Minister Yıldırım to be evaluated for the tender of the railway project as soon as possible and said an We believe that our province will increase the costs due to the increase in exports and the production. I offer you high appreciation again. We look forward to your support. Dest

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