Taşdar, Nemruta Teleferik Must for the Development of Adıyaman

Taşdar, Nemruta Teleferik Must for the Development of Adıyaman
Adıyaman ?? s problems are known to follow closely, and where it is located in the environment. Adıyaman businessman Hasan Taşar, who received the greatest appreciation of everyone with his sensitivity to the subject, said that the development and development of a province is tied to tourism. Together with the Founding Secretary General Mahmut Göksu, the President of Adıyamanlılar Foundation Ömer Özkartal visited ÇETAŞ Automotive Businessman Hasan Taşar. Businessman Hasan Taşar, expressing his satisfaction with the visit during the meeting where many important issues from the politics to the business life were discussed besides the services to be done and carried out in Adıyaman, said that the Adıyamanlılar Foundation exhibited good works against its own people in İstanbul and these works have always and everywhere appreciated. çok Our foundation has taken on a very important role. This reputation is not only in Istanbul. He thanked everyone who contributed. Businessman Hasan Taşar, who does not leave behind sharing his ideas about the future of Adıyaman, is undoubtedly the most important factor that gives rise to the development of a province. If we want the economic development of Adıyaman and we want to maximize unemployment, first of all, it is necessary to build a ropeway to Nemrut hill. As long as we don't do that, waiting for Adıyaman's development is nothing more than a dream. We have to use the value of tourism in our city of Adiyaman very well. We all have a big task in doing this. For example, around 1970 thousand tourists in the 300 years, while the number of 100 thousand today is a great misfortune for Adiyaman. It is possible to turn the 12 month of the year into a ski resort by making a cable car to Nemrut hill. Adıyaman Municipality recently, keles mansion, kakakci market, salt hani and fortress project, we have started the restoration work. said. Adıyamanlılar Foundation Chairman Ömer Özkartal, "Adiyaman, which has an extremely important tourism potential, to move to a more beautiful places everyone has to fall on duty. It is impossible to be successful as long as we do not do this. He spoke. Mahmut Göksu, the founding secretary of the AK Party Central Organization and the Founding Secretary of Adıyamanlılar Foundation, said that despite the great potential of tourism in Adıyaman, we cannot get what we expected. I believe that the complex will provide a significant acceleration to Adıyaman with the opening of the Safwan Bin Muattal (ra) complex project and the Siverek-Kahta bridge. said.

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