He did not approve the Quarry, he lost his job | High Speed ​​Train Project

As a requirement of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Abdullah Öztürk did not give consent to open a quarry in the forested area in Sakarya. He was dismissed by the Governor of Kocaeli. The people of the region are also responsive to the construction of the quarry.
The first manager of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Abdullah Öztürk Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca was dismissed because he did not approve the opening of a quarry in the forested area between Yanıkköy, Sakarya-Sapanca, for the filling material of the subcontractor companies employed in the High Speed ​​Train Project.
If the quarry is to be opened, the people of the region think that nature will be slaughtered. So far, there have been many powerful actions involving local people and political parties and environmental organizations. The quarry hasn't been opened yet. The quarry is not a new quarry. 40 is demanding to reopen the quarry which was closed years ago on the grounds of threatening public health.
No signatures, dismissed
Ozturk, who has been conducting his duties for a long time on 2, was dismissed from his job by not wanting the quarry to be established and not to open it.
According to the news of Kocaelitv, when he was Deputy Mayor of Başiskele, Agricultural Engineer Abdullah Öztürk, who was appointed to the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock two years ago, was a popular name by the peasants who deal with the agricultural sector. It was learned that Öztürk, who was dismissed, was assigned to a 20-day leave, even though he used his annual leave before. Öztürk also hung up his phones, he cannot be reached.
Lakes will be polluted, forests will be plundered
Maşukiyeli and Yanıkköy residents, who put the firms coming for the EIA meeting of the company, will be destroyed by red-spotted trout and freshwater mussels living in the creeks here, and the lake will be polluted by the streams that feed Sapanca Lake, covered with oak, chestnut and lime trees. They state that the forest will be plundered.

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