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Hamid Turna, Board Member of Rize City Council, said that all non-governmental organizations in the Eastern Black Sea should come together and take the construction of the Black Sea railway line into their common agendas.
Hamit Turna stated that all political parties should claim the Eastern Black Sea Railway and said “As Rize City Council, we continue our work on the construction of the Black Sea railway.
For the construction of the Black Sea Railway, we established a committee consisting of representatives of non-governmental organizations in our province and we initiated a signature campaign with the slogan un until the signature of our Prime Minister until the last signature anım. In this direction, Rize will continue to attract the attention of the public and politicians. Bu
XIII 4-1923 1938-3 14-1939 between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of the 1950 km railway is done reminding recalling, "Atatürk's death after the construction of the railway slowed down 779-1951 878 km 1938 km, 1950 after the 600 km . 1939-1950 200 meters in the days of digging and shoveling 1951 meter 50-XNUMX meters per day XNUMX meters, XNUMX and then the day after the XNUMX meter made. While we connect the world with railroad networks, we have focused on highways. While we can make railroads and wagons, we have taken the asphalt oil, vehicles, vehicles' fuels from the outside, and we have become a country dependent on oil. Rize was even more painful. We used the rails that were laid by the Russians and used them in house construction. We are too late, but if we start again, we can connect our country to the world with iron nets. Şt Let us hear our voice by holding hands for Rize and the Black Sea duy Railway and High Speed ​​Train eniz.
Studies conducted in the EU; the same width of the platform required to do the same job, the highway is narrower than the 64 shows.
To transport one thousand 60 passengers in one direction per hour, it is possible to carry the same amount of passengers with a double-track rail, while an 12 lane is required.
The cost of the motorway to meet the aforementioned demand is about 24 million dollars, while the cost of double-track, electric and signal railway is only 4 million dollars. In addition, the technical life of the railway is 30 year, the highway is 10 years.

In 100 million vehicle-km in railway transportation, the accident rate is about 39 times lower than the highways. It is also about 8 more safe in terms of the number of dead and wounded.

The amount of carbon monoxide released into the air in railways is 155 in passenger transportation according to highways and 123 in freight transportation.
In case of continuation of the growth trend in recent years 25 2020 yl in Turkey; It is estimated that the current level of passenger traffic will be approximately 3.3 times (540 Billion Passenger NKm), and the freight traffic to 2,5 (300 Billion Ton-Km).
In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for transportation in parallel with the increasing population of 1,6 annually, the railway network must be expanded.

In passenger transport, the railroad consumes about 3 times compared to buses, and about 12 times less energy than cars. In freight transportation, the railway consumes about 2,7 times compared to sea, and about 15 times less than truck.
Nowadays, the average number of 100 thousand new vehicles is coming to traffic every month. 1985 51,4 2012 75 2.4 in the year of the year 15 million, while the number of motor vehicles has increased from XNUMX million to XNUMX million.

In a survey conducted in Stuttgart, it was found that the noise of the railways to the environment was 10 less than the roads.

Source : I www.olayxnumx.co

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