Professor Dr. Fazıl Çelik: len We should have the railway project Faz

Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (BTSO) Karadeniz Technical University, Head of Transportation Department. Dr. Fazil Celik gave a meal at the Bayburt Mansion in honor of him.
President Yumak called for the adoption of the railway project in Bayburt at dinner. Dr. Fazil Celik in honor of the interest in Bayburt because he is very passionate, emotional, he said. Steel, for the benefit of the country to reveal and evaluate all the alternatives Bayburt also believes that it should support and said.
Bayburt Governor Hasan İpek, Bayburt Mayor Hacı Ali Polat, Bayburt University Rector Prof.Dr.Gökhan Budak, President of the Provincial Assembly Raci Bayrak, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yusuf Elçi, Chairman of the Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry İbrahim Yumak, members of the chamber and journalists She attended.
Making an assessment at the end of the meeting in a friendly environment, BTSO President İbrahim Yumak said, “We are happy that our teacher was in Bayburt and gave a conference about the railway in Bayburt. We welcome and support our teacher as we were at the conference yesterday. Although our teacher is not from Bayburt, the result of his country's academic determination in terms of the welfare and interest of the nation is that the railway project passes through Bayburt as a more economical route. We also have to own this project in terms of the interests of our state, our nation and our city. "said.
Thanking Hasan İpek, Mayor of Bayburt and Mayor Hacı Ali Polat for their contributions, Yumak said, “It is our duty to follow this project from now on. To contribute to the unity to be formed. I commit to my dear teacher in the presence of the whole ready, as the management of the chamber of commerce and industry, in terms of the sustainability of the project in terms of economy. Bayburtlu claims this business. We, as civil society, will protect ourselves. Our government and decision makers show the necessary attention in the implementation of this very profitable route. Politics and our Ak Party provincial chair also show interest. We started late on this subject, but we want to take the lead. “He spoke.
BAYBURT'DAN so much that I did not expect, VERY IMPRESSED
Head of Transportation Department of Karadeniz Technical University. Dr. Fazıl Çelik said that he was pleased with the interest shown and said, “I cannot find a word to say because of the hospitality and interest shown by Bayburt. I would like to express my gratitude to our dear rector for this meeting and meeting us in beautiful Bayburt. Dear governor, mayor, chamber of commerce and industry, journalists, I say it for all of you. I was really touched, very impressed. I wasn't expecting that much. Managers, Bayburt people really exhibited. When the studies of 8-10 years were not taken into consideration and they did not reach their place, there was a situation of sharing our works with the media. As we said at the conference, the route, geography, science and economy determine. "said.
Noting that DLH is working on the railway for the Black Sea, Çelik said, “As I believe, Bayburt should also believe in this. There is time, there is time. All alternatives should be put forward and first of all these studies should be evaluated, taken into consideration and whatever is in the interest of the country. Otherwise, it's not about Bayburt and Gümüşhane. “He spoke.

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