The private sector should also produce cargo and passenger car sets | Railway vehicles

The private sector should also produce cargo and passenger car sets | Railway vehicles
The share of domestic freight transport in Turkey 4% passenger share in transport share of the railway sector is around 2% if it appeared that s the need for freight cars of various types will emerge when we consider would be at least 60 thousand units, the wagon manufacturing industry and sub-industry of the production and maintenance - It has to reach the finishing capacity. Therefore, the requirement of technology transfer and domestic production rates in the design of public procurement is of great importance. In this context, under the title of hafif Developing Rail Industry, in the book of Ministry of Transportation of Turkey, 2023 'street tram, subway, light metro, monorail, high speed train set, etc. For the development of technologies, entrepreneurs will be obliged to acquire% 50 indigenous contents'.
Needs planning
planning should be done first need to have Turkey's goals. Demand planning should be done according to demand management system, not demand evaluation. Public procurement design, technology transfer and 50 domestic production rates should be placed. In order to increase the existing installed capacity, private sector railway manufacturing industry companies that have improved for the last eight years should be put into operation. The creation of new R & D funds and new legal incentives should be introduced for the railway sector. The GCC tender legislation should be adapted to this concept for the railway sector. In order to achieve the above mentioned target bearing capacity, the distribution of the carriage shares of the sub-sectors within the total transportation should be balanced up to 2023.
Railway industry, which is the most important source of the railway, has not achieved a technology producing structure and competitive power in the international market due to lack of R & D activities. The neglect of railroads and railway vehicles manufacturing industry until recent years has led to the adoption of new technologies instead of the widely used technologies and to protect the existing ones, and the opportunities that could be gained with new technologies could not be evaluated. The railway sector will grow by making big leaps in the coming period after the laws on the liberalization of the railway sector, which is expected to be released in the near future. However, the fact that this growth can be in accordance with the healthy and technological developments will be possible by providing a structure to meet the railway needs of the entire industry sector and especially the wagon manufacturing industry and the supply industry.
Private sector should be ready for future developments
Considering that infrastructure services, which are the most important prerequisite and input of goods and services in the coming period, will be presented by the private sector in the competitive market, the private sector should urgently prepare itself for the development of the future railway sector and reaching the desired size. As the railway sector is restructured, it will be essential to meet the infrastructure needs of our country with its own resources to accelerate economic and social development. In this way, the sectors where the competitive market is not formed will be organized and maximum utilization will be made of the financing and operation capability of the private sector.
Turkey's railway manufacturing industry installed capacity of public and private sector, including maintenance and about production, total 1.000 units / year is equivalent passenger car. Considering that the highest capacity utilization rate of the country's manufacturing industry is 75, the above installed capacity with the efficiency of the public sector will be the most optimistic estimate of 750 units / year. In such a case, the rail manufacturing industry cannot meet half of the domestic market demand. In short, domestic manufacturing industry cannot meet the market demand both in terms of capacity and technology. On the other hand, according to 2023 year projections, total 5000 units need urban rail vehicle. Passenger, vehicle and road safety are the first priority of rail systems. These are possible with advanced technological products. In order to meet the need of vehicles in the shortest time and in the most economical way; transferring advanced technologies with the concept of market sharing and co-production; gaining the competence of manufacturing in rail system technologies and providing qualified personnel with knowledge and experience.
All of the manufacturing industry in the hands of the public
The rail car manufacturing industry in Turkey are almost all in the hands of the state. Manufacture The order from TCDD consists of the needs of other public institutions in the country and the production of railway vehicles to countries that have no continuity with respect to years. The railway manufacturing industry operating in this field should enter into an efficient structure with an efficient marketing system capable of competing under the conditions of free competition in the domestic and foreign markets, which can keep up with the rapid technological development of today, and that has an effective marketing system that can compete with other manufacturers. Thus, it will lead the wagon manufacturing industry, parallel side industry and new players entering the sector.
The mission of the organizations operating in the railway vehicles manufacturing industry should be to manufacture, repair and revise the rail vehicles for passenger and cargo transportation, to ensure maximum contribution to the national economy without leaving our country dependent on foreign countries, and to realize fast, safe, comfortable and high quality in accordance with the technology and norms of the era. The vision of private companies operating in railway vehicles production industry should be an effective company in producing and selling the passenger / freight transport vehicles that humanity needs and will need, with the advanced technology it develops, selling and selling in all parts of the world. The future of the railway is closely related to the freight and passenger wagons produced in accordance with the advanced technology and the types of transportation.
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