Lots of Train Passengers, No Seats in Ödemiş

The trains connecting Ödemiş to Izmir on 6 times are attracting great attention from the citizens. The capacity of the trains of approximately one thousand 500 citizens per day is not enough to meet the demand. Especially in the evening trains moving from Izmir, citizens have to sit in the corridors due to the low capacity of seats.
Noting that the demand for the train is positive, CHP Ödemiş District Chairman Mehmet Eriş said that the train sets with higher capacity should be operated between Ödemiş and İzmir.
Today, the capacity of standing rails in terms of capacity in terms of standing passenger who can not meet the Access, "In the day when the demand is high in the evening return trains are put into operation, rather than the unattended images on trains are removed," he said.
Ur The quality of the trip must not fall because there is a demand em, emphasized the difficulties experienced in trains. M Railway is the way of the people. It offers the most convenient transportation service to the public with its prices and conditions. We see all of the difficulties in the 6 voyages. I prefer the train for my journeys. Our citizens are forced to sit in the corridors. We see that we are sitting in front of the door of the toilet. In order to make the journey suitable for humanity, trains suitable for passenger capacity should be operated İnsan.
In order to prevent the railroad from becoming the ordeal, TCDD management said that this problem should be addressed. Gerekti A very good work is being carried out for the renewal of the railways. As a result of this work, travel time will be shortened. We find this work very well. However, the lack of response to the demand for train services is a major problem for the citizen. Especially in Izmir, 15.00 and 17.00 in the return of our citizens, workers, students returning from the hospital are very difficult. Standing up to Ödemiş is a big problem. Due to the fact that the trains are delayed because of the work, the travel time is extended by 2 hours to 50 minutes. This journey turns into a sucker due to lack of seat capacity. It would be very useful to put train sets with 4-5 wagons that can meet these two train voyages. We expect a statement from our officials and a study. Bu
Ödemiş-Izmir railway line of Turkey's one of the oldest railway lines suggesting that the Access ,: "We have organized a campaign for dismantling failure and renewal of the railway line together with civil society organizations in Ödemis in the early xnumx'l. The interest of our people in the railway shows once again the importance of this campaign. Increasing attention has to be paid to the railroad in Ödemiş and the surrounding districts. Endeavors in the trains also leave a difficult situation. Particularly because of the safety compartment reserved for public safety, discussions can take place. This increases the stress of working staff even without any crime and authority. No one would like to have ugly paintings on trains. Tren

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