Black wreath from MHP to İZBAN

MHP went to the hospital junction after Friday prayers and protested by putting a black wreath on the İZBAN Line. Izmit Yurdadoğ Mutlu, evaluating İZBAN as a freak project, criticized the CHP and the AK Party.
The construction of the İZBAN project, which was carried out jointly by the Ministry of Transport and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, in Torbalı, has taken many steps. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), which came together yesterday to protest this line which is in the middle of the district, made a press statement. MHP'da press release at the junction of the hospital crossroads black grating was made by District Chairman Yurdadoğ Mutlu. Stating that İZBAN project was made with the logic of charity, it was left in front of the Torbalı by allanip and scaling, said Mutlu, al This freak project will completely separate Torbalı es.
MHP District Management, Women's Branches and Ulku Quarry, came together at the level of the level of the hospital junction. Party members protesting against putting black wreaths. Yurdadoğ Mutlu said that the Torbali people cannot get the services and investments they deserved for years. Tor With its geographical and economic position features, our bagper cannot get the money he has given and we are living together. According to the surrounding districts, our district remained in the classroom in terms of development. General and local governments, who came to power until today, have not given priority to Torbalı but to themselves and their supporters. Our district has faced a freak project due to the incompetence of the general and local rulers of power. Torbalı is divided into two due to the İzmirAydın highway and is now divided into three because of this freak speed train project. Torbalı'da do not want a 'Berlin Wall' he said.
MUTLU stated that they are not against the high-speed train as MHP but they are against the mentality that sees Torbalı as a second-class district and believes that the town is governed. Stating that the high-speed train project underground, the President of the District, so that the district will be saved from being a ball of problems, he said. With the current structure of this project, environmental pollution, will cause traffic problems and will shake the social life that expresses Happy, ve We want the Chamber of Commerce to show the sensitivity and determination on the issue of garbage in this regard. Is the reason why Mr. Behçet Çınar and Abdulvahap Olgun are members of the AK Party? MHP warns the general and local power. Make this project fit to Torbalı. The high-speed train should be underground until the exit from Torbalı. We will wait another year, as long as this project should be done. Bir
Yurdadoğ Mutlu directed his critiques to the municipality, ine As if our bag is managed by a dictatorship which turns the municipality into a park, garden and cafeteria operation; we see that this freaky project has been attended by the ruling party and unskilled district governors. We advise Adnan Yaşar Görmez to go to Ankara to take a picture on the railroad tracks and to take this project under ground. Investments should not be wasted, they should not be taken to the followers, rights, law and justice principles should be observed and the rights of orphans should be protected. While Torbalı has bigger priorities, what is the reason why 5 million lira is paid to the Fairy Tale World? Torbalı now needs principled and honest managers. These managers are also under MHP management. The brand names of the district are going to a party. And this is an indication of what we are doing and doing. Im

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