North south crisis at Metrobüs station

CevizliThe northern exit at the Metrobus Station was closed. Only the south exit and passengers are picked up. This is the way of confinement.
We say that the problems of Metrobus will not end, or we do not always say for nothing. Every day there is a new problem, a new chaos. As you know, the newly opened Beylikdüzü-Avcılar metrobus line is still not in order. It is an intensity, a turmoil. Nowadays, CevizliThere is a serious agglomeration in the Metrobus Station. You will say, d There is no time to clutter here. You ask why?
The exit on the north side is canceled, only exit on the south side. Of course, this situation is getting mixed up. Don't get involved… Come every morning and evening, so CevizliLet's listen to one of our readers who experience the greatest torment at Bağ Metrobus Station… ”CevizliThere is only an 5 turnstile in the vineyard Metrobus Station, and these turnstiles are not directly on the bridge, just like at other busy stops. Therefore, especially in the morning, the passengers are waiting for the turn of the 15-20 minutes until they reach the metrobus. In the meantime, this bridge has two exit staircases, one on the north side and the other on the south. In the past, passengers were lowered on the north side, using the northern steps to leave the station, and the passengers to take the Metrobus were taken later, so that the passengers could not meet the descending passengers. Now the exit on the north side has been canceled and only the southern exit has begun to be lowered. In this case, it is impossible to reach the station during the busy hours of the day or get out of the station when it comes down from the metrobus. Especially in the morning 07.-08.00 or 18.00-19.00 in the evening the situation is full madness. If the turnstiles are taken over the bridge and the number of tourniquets is increased, this problem will be solved to a great extent, and the passengers will pass on the larger bridge instead of accumulating in the tiny stop. The metrobus is too busy to be a accepted fact and there is nothing to do, but with some arrangements at least a little less ordeal.

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